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Making your own Covers (the Easy way)

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First off you will need art-work for your new covers. You can go to the source :)


or use google to find it ;)

getting artwork.wmv

Now download my Photoshop Working Folder and Template X360 Covers.zip

Extract the Ziip archive and place it as shown in the attached picture...


Next go to photoshop Actions Folder and install the actions


Important note:

when saving the artwork, please use the same file names as is used in my folder structure. This is also the default names used when saving the images from the marketplace..... And it is used by the photoshop actions, to work correctly....


Naming used for Arcade, Kinect and Retail are as follows

banner.png  |  boxartlg.jpg  |  rating.png  |  screenlg1.jpg  |  screenlg2.jpg  |  screenlg3.jpg  |  screenlg4.jpg


Naming used for Indie is as follows

banner.png  |  xboxart.jpg  |  screen1.jpg  |  screen2.jpg  |  screen3.jpg  |  screen4.jpg


Using the Actions

using actions.wmv

There are 19 different covers to choose from if you prefer the manual way :)

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Uploaded a New Set of Covers for XBLA games to Unity




If  I have missed any titles, it can be requested here... ;)

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sorry but i'm sush a noob with this stuff only had rgh for about a week and dont know how to replace the cover in aoura

You have 2 solutions:

1. Upload the cover i resized for you to xboxunity (you need an account for that, so register if you haven't already done so), this is done by clicking on your name, selecting "Upload", searching for the title (and selecting it) then uploading the file, wait for it to be approved by me or one of the other admins...

2. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5362-aurora-asset-editor-v11-released/ use this PC application and manage your covers (and other assets) in the comfort of your own Windows PC without any delays at all (it's all done directly on your computer, and you can do whatever you want with the assets pretty much, this also includes support for resizing the images automatically)

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I want to create my own covers, but i cant seem to be able find the needed "DatabaseID". 

Got the TitleID with XeXtool, but there is no DatabaseID. Not even googling got me anything useful.

Could really use some help, if possible!

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