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[Aurora/FIX] Black and White Covers After HDD/USB Case Changed

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I'm making this tutorial, because is a pain to re-download and set your custom covers again after you change the usb drive but keeps the same folder structure (like same hdd but different case).

What happens is that when you change the usb, the device ID also changes, so the Aurora recognizes as a different device.


Things needed:

- A Computer

- A SQLite3 database editor (I use DB Browser for SQLite for this tutorial: http://sqlitebrowser.org/)

- your settings.db

- A brain :p


WARNING: Don't delete the scan paths from Aurora before doing this.


- First of all, create a scan path with your new USB drive attached (don't delete old scan paths) and save.

- Then grab your settings.db from "Usb0:/[Aurora folder]/Data/Databases/" folder.

- Open the settings.db in the SQLite editor:




- Then go to "Browse Data" tab and choose the "ScanPaths" table:






- After choose the "ScanPaths" table you will see something like this (with different deviceId and different paths of course):




- Now simply copy the new device id (double click to see full id) and replace all the old device id with it.

- After replace then all, write the changes:




- Finally replace your modified settings.db in "Usb0:/[Aurora folder]/Data/Databases/"

- Be happy!!!!  :thumbup:

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I moved the thread to the Tutorials section and marked it as a Aurora tutorial, thanks for your contribution :)

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