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HOW To Install DLC/Compatabilty Packs for Call Of Duty Games (automated)

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How To Properly Install DLC For Call Of Duty Games

1. Put DLC/Compatibility Pack on Computer

2. Download LicenseCleaner (created by Swizzy)

3. Click on DLC file, Drag it onto the LicenseCLeaner exe and wait for the magic to happen

4. Delete the old DLC file (not the patched file)

5. Delete these letters from the name of the new DLC file "_patched"

6. Transfer the fixed DLC Back into the Proper Location on the xbox(content...002) using FTP, FlashDrive etc

7. Make Sure You Have The Most Recent Title Update Downloaded and Enabled!

8. If Needed Unlock DLC with xm360 etc

9. Personally I had to disable FAKELIVE in dashlaunch for TU3 to work on BO3.

10. Enjoy playing the game, zombies matches can only be joined while in lobby status. (use find lan game)


Originally Posted by begallegal1 

Some important info I have found so far in my testing...
1. The game must be launched by a "live" profile or it will error in the menu (you cannot switch to a live profile once in menu, error will occur)
2. You must have an active LOCAL network connected to the console (internet access is not required, I just tested this on a spare router) else you will get LAN connection error in menu.

3. Make sure your xbox kernal is updated, usually not required, but good idea to update if your behind.


*This method should work with all call of duty games. add more tips and I will edit the tutorial...

**I have attaced the LicenseCleaner Program


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