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Use this thread to talk to other link players about the game. No troubleshooting. Keep the post related to black ops 3 gameplay.


*the latest title update has more players usually

*You can only join a game in lobby status

*Helpful to refresh in find lan game

*Be patient if hosting or joining

*Use the game timer to let other know your waiting for more players,ex; start game countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 stop wait few seconds and repeat so others know your looking for more players

Wanted to give a shout out to the 2 guys I played with today. Great game. System crashed when trying to add as friend. We were level 18 almost had all eggs complete, cept egg part!

Bimbo_2015 and Carlos... good game!

It's pretty hard to get going on zombies due to the fact that we can't communicate verbally or anything. Was fun to get shit done earlier tho. Helps to watch videos or read tuts before playing zombies so you know what to do. I actually used a trainer (God mode) to learn what I needed to do. Then online play is much easier!

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Not really. In my opinion it's bout the same as the previous games and just as fun. Just hard to play without talking. I need to fix my mic somehow. Well actually I need a new 1 with 2.5mm in stead of 3.5mm with adapter I think.

I also noticed the matchmaking area in this forum so yeah, didn't need this thread!

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