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DLC + TU Aurora can't find the DLCs for DoA 5 LR

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im new, so if you have the correct tuturiel, just linked it, I wil try it by my own.

But till now, I have one issue:
I install Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate do the local drive: 
It crashed all the times with F3 and Aurora

Now I downloaded all nececcary DLC's and TU from XBOX Live as they are free :)
I copied them to HDD1:\content

Now I am able to start it without any crashes
Also in Aurora it is still DoA5 Ultimate
As soon as I start it, it is DoA5 LR
Quite good I think

But: The Xbox still tells me, that 8 DLCs are missing:
Costume Catalog 02,04, 11, 17, 09, 14 and LR07, LR14

So as I still own a 2nd Xbox, I can download these DLC, but where do I have to save them?

In HDD1:\Cache or Content? Can't be as I tried it allready
AS I think, it has to be a subfolder, but I tried it allready in the 000000... and the 0004000 (or similar) and also in the same folder
from the original Xbox360

At the moment the folder with all the game, DLCs and TU are copied to HDD1:\CONTENT\00000000000000\4B5607E8
Three folders 00000002 [Marketplace]
00004000 [installed Xbox360 Title]
000B0000 [Title Update]

I also saved all DLCs here HDD1:\Cache\00000000000000\4B5607E8\00000002 

But still I receive the message that the "Content is checked" after the check takes around 10minutes
Any idea?

Aurora 0.5b r1025 
With FSD 3 I have the same Issue
Dash 3.0b Rev775
Kernel 2.0.17349.0

So hopefully someone is able to help me

Thank you & BR

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I honestly use Horizon and a spare USB available. All DLC's and other stuff like arcade games can be used with Horizon then I move it to the Xbox and it still gets detected. Pretty weird I guess. Like XexMenu and Black Ops 2 DLC.


P.S. Use the old Horizon. The new one on it's site is bloated with adware on it's installer.

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use 360 content manager to FTP it.. will go in correct spots, and use that same program to unlock the DLC's.. or run xm360..

don't use horizon.. lol.. 

and the only thing that goes into the "CACHE" folder, is certain TU's.. lol.. ALL DLC goes into "Content/0000000000000000/TitleID/000b0000/"

of course here is where i suggest 360 content manager again, because it will automatically put anything, games/xbla/TU's/dlc/compatibility packs/ect. in their correct locations..

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Wow, that was fast :)

I will try it wehen i am back at home.

(I think i have horizen allready installed and Tried it) i will Check the options You two just Wrote.

I will Provider a Feedback as soon as possible :)

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So horizen Sems to be blocked by google, Chroms, and mcafee . .

But the FTP was Working and i found it - Not readable Content, so have to Download all the needed DLCs again.

Still Wartung for the 2 Gb but i think you helped a Lot.

Hopefully that it is playable now

Cu next and thx

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I have downloaded the game  with it every thing but not the costume catalog 04,9,11,14,17,2 and doa 5 costume catalog 2 and doa5 lr costume catalog lr 07 and 17 bec. I don't have another Xbox to download it from 

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