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Playing Marketplace Movies on JTAG

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It's probably been asked before but I couldn't find it in search if it was :)


Long story short, bought a few movies on marketplace over the years, I can download it to my console and extract the files to the PC, is there anyway to get it to work on the console when demon-nand is enabled or better yet the 2nd console I have?

(screenshot shows how the files are sorted, similar to GoD but shrunk down to 10mb per file rather than 166mb for GoD)


Don't say "just download it elsewhere, you'll save alot of HDD space" or anything similar please, I know the score I'm just curious if its ever been worked around :D



Thank you all


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Don't know why they won't play apart from being bought on another console,unless you don't have a homebrew player  that can ?

however the files appear to be either some sort of zip type thing & or a number of wmv files (i assume being microsoft wmv wold be what they use)..Ok what happens with them on a pc f you change the extension to wmv will they play if not try switching to perhaps zip or rar & extract the movie.If any of this works you may now be able to convert them to a more user friendly format


edit: thats all i got unless someone else knows better only other option just download it elsewhere as you'll save a stack of hdd space :whistle: 

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