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Skin Aurora 5b Resident Evil [background music and animation]

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Este es un skin que modifique a mi gusto sobre resident evil

inspirado en S.H.I.E.L.D. Deep Blue :thumbup:


This is a skin that changes my taste on resident evil

inspired s.h.i.e.l.d. Deep Blue



Descarga SKIN :
Resident Evil Aurora 5b.xzp


Para una mejor vista del background o fondo utilicen  cualquiera de estos tres estilos (layout)
solo descargan y lo pegan en : Aurora/Media/layouts luego reinician oprimen B va a estilo y fondo/ estilo de listado y selecionan el layout que mas les guste
For a better view of the background or background using any of these three styles (layout)

just download and stick it on: Aurora / Media / layouts then B will reset oppress style and background / style selecionan list and the layout that you like

layout Flock samall :



layout small


descarga :

layot one :



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You did an impressive job here. I really like your skin. So maybe some ideas for the next revision:

- fix the broken red line in coverflow view

- fix the broken game counter

- fix the upper screen border of pixels in coverflow view

- fix the missing game title in details view (or is it intentional?)

- fix the cut-off details for size, date and time in file browser

- fix the mangled text in system -> loaded modules

- align the 2 background pictures correctly to each other in title updates view when switching between "installed" and "Unity Marketplace"


With these bug fixes your skin should be the bomb!

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Does this skin:

  • Have background music?
  • Supported on 0.5b?
  • Available in English?

2) Yes, read the title!

3) Yes, all skins are available in english and all other languages, the language is controlled by Aurora... the skin is only for the visuals...

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Does this skin:

  1. Have background music?
  2. Supported on 0.5b?
  3. Available in English?


 google traductor:

1. yes,has the time 4:20 and sounds every time you run aurora

2.It is for Aurora 5b


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Hola! yo modificaba skins de aurora pero por cuestiones de tiempo y trabajo ademas de que me compre un ps4  deje de hacerlos y me quede en la versión 5.0b .el problema es que cambie de pc y perdí  los programas para modificarlos si alguien tiene la amabilidad de compartirlos por privado se lo agradecería mucho, modificar skins era una buena forma de bajar el estrés ,saludos !!


Hello! I modified Aurora skins but for reasons of time and work in addition to that I bought a ps4 stop making them and I stayed in version 5.0b. The problem is that I changed my PC and I lost the programs to modify them if someone was kind enough to share them privately I would really appreciate it, modifying skins was a good way to reduce stress, greetings !!


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