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problem connecting to the internet

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hello all

i have xbox with rgh and lt+ and dashlunch3.04 and FS3 ,

my problem is that i can't connect to the internet ...

i tried removing my WEP2 security andtried to get internet and still do have internet .

i tried static ip and dns manually and stiil - no internet .

i have tried alternative MAC adress and put the mac from my computer ( that's has internet ) - still nothing

i even contacted my ISP and asked if they have diffrent DNS to put there ... - still nothing .

all my computers and ipad\iphones are geting internet ...

has anyone have problem with internet ???

thanks for all your help


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What does your launch.ini say?

If livestrong = true, your console will not be able to connect to the internet.

Ensure liveblock = true and livestrong = false.

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hey bl4k3y

Ensure liveblock = true and livestrong = false

it the same - that's what i have in my ini

i also tried to enter google dns ( and ) and still nothing !

i have disable my sercurity on my router and still can'y connect

maybe it'd beacuse of my "jailbreak " LT+ RGH ??

hey gmarks

the ini could be in the ex hd (if you have .. - it on the root ) or in the xbox internal hd but i don't know where - probebly ROOT .

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