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Things Not to Ask...

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Here is a list of things that have been asked, and answered 100+ times, that the answers are not going to change. As new questions arise, in the coming months, that get worn out like these, I will add them to this thread, and they will be treated the same way.


1. Fan Speed adjustment in Aurora.

    It isnt coming, as it can be potentially dangerous to the console. You are much better off adjusting temps in dashlaunch, the SMC config, or Xebuild Settings.


2. How to play local system link.

     It is simple, unload the Freestyle Plugin. While it is loaded, it forwards all system link traffic through a VPN, which requires the Unity Servers. Unfortunatly there is no way to get around this with the Freestyle Plugin. I will talk to MaesterRowen about adding an Offline mode option to Nova, to disable the VPN for system link, so you can play local system link, and not have to unload the Nova Plugin.


3. When Is Nova/The next Aurora Release Coming.

    It comes when it comes. There is no set date, so sit back, and wait patiently like the rest of us.


If you ask these questions, I will ban you from making posts on this site, because as far as I am concerned at this point it is spam. It is as simple as that. Heed this warning.

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