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Multi disc *again*

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I know that you _can_ extract the second disc to the /Hdd1/content/ folder.

My question is whether that's a requirement.

Could you, instead, just place the second (content) disc into a "Disc2" folder that compliments a "Disc1" folder in the same directory in /Hdd1/XEX/ and rely on the swap.xex to properly manage the content?

I understand that games with gameplay data spanning two discs must have the "Disc1, Disc2, Disc3 within a parent folder" heirarchy. So, why wouldn't it also properly migrate the game content (as it would if it encountered the second retail disc being loaded in a normal non-jtag/rgh circumstance) to the appropriate /Hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/????????/ folder?

I apologize for my ignorance. I'm just curious about the logic involved. For my current workflow, it would be much easier to just extract, then copy directories for Disc1 and Disc2 into their respective parent directory in the Xbox Hdd1/XEX/ directory and be done with it.

TIA for your thoughts and advice.

ADD: possibly helpful information . . . Running FSD3.0b Rev 775, DashLaunch v3.12(548), k2.0.16747.0 Any communication is done via iPad Air 2 using WebSSH to connect to an Ubuntu 14.04 storage/seedbox server and then, via cli, connect through ftp to the xbox360.

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You're mixing and matching various parts of information here...

Basically, there are 3 major types of multi-disc games:

1. Play/Install disc, these types have a disc you use to play the game, and a content installation disc

2. Story continues on disc 2+, these are mostly common with big adventure games and such... they can maybe be merged together, or they have to be switched when the time comes, different for every game

3. Singleplayer/Multiplayer disc these types of games might also be a combination of type 1... do you really need an explanation for this type?

Now, depending on which game type it is, you deal with it in a different way, content installers you can't just merge together, it just don't work that way... they look for the data where you normally install DLC... so, it has to be there... for others, it's a matter of knowing what each game developer decided to do to solve the problem of the size of the disc, maybe they made different xex's and such on different discs, maybe they just split the gamedata on each disc etc. etc. there is no way to tell this by just checking the data with a program, you have to look at the gamedata as a human, it's really hard to make software that knows how this part worked as some files might be identical, others might not, and they might still be mergeable... and what not...

Bottom line, you have to check for every game what's required, then make a decision based on that, FSD have a plugin which detects when the game says it needs to swap discs, it then locates the game by having disc 2, 3, 4 etc. in the respective subfolder of the game...

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