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[Aurora-PlugIn] Future Concept

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What we already have


- Aurora

- Settings

- Plug-In (FSD)






We know Team Phoenix is working hard on Aurora. And we know they may want to update the Plug-In in the Future... Maybe

I was thinking of its possible Future. I thought of whats already there and what's "missing" or what could be expanded.


What gives us the Plugin?

- LiNK

- LiNK Patches (Dashlaunch Settings)

- Filebrowser/Manager

- Temperatures

- Screenshots?

- WebUI Access?


What could be added?

- FTPdll:     For Accesing FTP While Running Games

- XBDM:      For Having DevKit possibilities or Neighborhood running



What could be done new?

- LiNK+Unity:   We all know whats missing here, it's maybe the hardest job ever. Look at Xbox-Live and recent Suggesions. I'm talking about Friends, Invites, Messaging etc.

- WebUI: New Features in Access. Basically having a launcher while gaming, but there is also much to do on the WebUI itself which is not the PlugIn but Aurora.



- PlugIn Settings should be temporarily changeablein the PlugIn itself.

- The Core Changes should be done in Aurora-Settings.

- You should be able to enable/disable features

- Setttings or PlugIn Parts couldbe separatly loadable

This may open new ways to save memory


i don't know if its possible. And i don't know if injections could also be possible to replace many features that the Xbox already brings us but we cant use it on their way. Maybe this merging would be possible.

What i see is that there is modularization is possible, but we could do it with one plugin and one Management(Aurora).


It's just a basic first idea, and a new PlugIn will be a long time Development. We don't even know if it will ever be updated or anything can be improved.

I Hope this helps some of you guys and like these ideas.


Please tell me your opinion about this, or more/better ideas.


Thanks for reading




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FtpDLL and XBDM won't be merged into the FSD Plugin... they're better off being separate things as not everyone will be using those anyways...

Temporarily... meaning what exactly? until you reboot the console? and what settings would that be exactly?

Enable/Disable features is already possible, they're still there in the memory, and some of it just isn't possible to just disable at will...

Settings/Plugin Parts can't be separately loaded other then making them separate plugins, which isn't happening...

Oh, and what is it you mean with "LiNK Patches"?

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Friendship invitations all become better people would much rather link. conversations by xbox also makes it more amiable. Donations could be very large with it, something that can grow and link this sistem, invitations friends and Feedback

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