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Every Thing You need to know about your RGH/JTAG

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This is for the most part not a guide. This is a list of multiple guides, from all over the web that have helped me answer alot of the questions I see on here about the RGH/JTAG Process, what to do after, and what software you want.
You may have to create accounts on some other sites to view some of this content. It is totally worth the time.
This is a work in progress. Information is subject to change when ever. Credit goes to all the original authors of the guides, and to me of coarse, as I took the time to put this together. I hope this helps people solve their own problems. If there is anything else the community thinks should be added, please leave it in a reply, and if I think it is helpful I will add it. :)
Hardware Stuff:

1. RGH/JTAG Roadmap for Noobs: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?78885-RGH-roadmap-for-n00bies
2. RGH/Hardware suggestion Guide: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?137209-RGH-R-JTAG-Hardware-Suggestion-Guide - Should note that this primarily follows TX hardware, any glitch chip/ dual nand device should work.
These both help you decide what hack will be best for you, and your console.
3. Carona v2 dual nand guide: http://www.teamx360.co.uk/showthread.php?2765-Here-s-how-To-Dual-Nand-The-Corona-V2
4. Carona V4/6 dual nand guide: http://www.teamx360.co.uk/showthread.php?2253-How-To-Wire-Up-The-Tx-Demon-To-Dual-Nand-The-Corona-V4-V6
5. How RGH works: http://free60.org/wiki/Reset_Glitch_Hack
6. How Jtag works: http://free60.org/wiki/SMC_Hack
7. Recovering from loosing nand dump: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?92607-How-to-recover-from-losing-NAND-(but-have-ECC-written)
8. Dual HDD mod: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?139673-Demon-Dual-HDD-with-Automatic-Switch-(WIP)
9. Standby_Clk Fix: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?88489-TuT-Alternate-STBY_CLK-Install-STBY_CLK-Fix-for-Slim-and-Phats-%28Noob-Friendly%29

10. Testing Nand-X Points: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?77908-Troubleshooting-NAND-X-JRP-Connection-Problems

I didnt include install guides, as all the chips are well documented by their manufacturers.

Should also be mentioned that 2 new hacks for the Phat console have been discovered.

1. RGH1.2 - This uses RGH1 wiring with an RGH2 image, and a regular coolrunner(brand doesnt matter) Flash the rgh1.2 timing files, and get back the speed and reliability of rgh1 on your updated console with out paying for the CR4.

2. R-JTOP - This uses RGH1 and JTAG wiring with a coolrunner(brand doesnt matter), and a JTAG image, pretty much a clone of RJTAG+, but completly homebrew. Downfall is there are no pre-compiled xsvf files, but should also work on a Xenon(No guarantee xenon chip will recover from cpu_pll_bypass slowdown), but will require some modification to the code,for key recovery at a minimum. RGH1.2 would work on a xenon(With same limitation), but there is the downfall that is it requires an RGH2 image, and you can not currently generate one for a Xenon with most xebuild configurations.

Updating Your RGH kernel and Avatar/Kinect data:
There are multiple methods of doing this, but my all time favorate is using the xebuild updserv option. It is quick, and can be done without manually flashing the nand, and will update the avatar/kinect data for you.

Now my favorite app for this is JRunner. Xebuild, and Xebuild GUI can also be used, and do the same thing, as JRunner has Xebuild built in.
JRunner Instructions:

JRunner can be found http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?82434-J-Runner-The-Ultimate-JTAG-RGH-App-*LATEST-DOWNLOAD-HERE*
Now in the pdf, on PG 27, there are very detailed instructions for this. I will recap them here.
This requires a network connection.
1. Download the latest kernel version files.(J-runner has a nice option to add dash, and will download automatically.)
2. Download the OFFICIAL USB Update for the dash files you just downloaded.
3. Extract the USB update to j-runnerdir\xebuild\kernel version\ eg. C:\documents and settings\bob\desktop\j-runner\xebuild\17150\ ( there should now be a $systemupdate folder)
4. Turn on console, and launch any dashlaunch installer 3.08+
5. Under externals enable updserv option.
6. go back to j-runner and go to the update tab. after insuring the new image will install dashlaunch, hit update button.
The console will update, and reboot.

Xebuild Instructions:

Xebuild GUI Instructions:

Old School Manual Way:
Use if you dont have a network available. (Not Likely in this day and age.)

1. Dump nand. you can use swizzys nand flasher listed below.
2. Open up j-runner, xebuild gui, or other nand builder.
3. Use nand dump and chosen app to create latest kernel version. (17150)
4. Copy updflash.bin you just created to fat32 formatted usb drive.
5. Plug it in to your console and boot xell. When it says it is done, remove power from console for 30 seconds.
6. Download the stock usb update for the kernel you just built. (17150)
7. Extract file to usb.
8. Rename $SystemUpdate to $$ystemUpdate on the usb.
9. Plug usb into console, and turn it on.
10. Hold RB on controller as the system boots, and it should boot metro/nxe/stock dash, and ask if you want to update.
11. Allow the update, it will not brick your system, as it is installing the avatar/kinect data.


If you are running RGLoader, you are probably a homebrew dev, and have no need for this guide. That being said, I will cover the basics.
RGLoader is a nand image that creates a custom devkit out of your RGH. If you are a gamer, then this is not recomended, as features like link will not work in RGLoader.

TX Fusion:

If you are running this, there are no updates, as this project was scrapped like 2 years ago. It had awesome potential, but not alot of interest. My advice is to switch to freeboot, or if you are a dev to switch to RGLoader.

Software to run on your JTAG/RGH:
This is where things get fun.
Dashboards: (Here I will cover the most common custom dashboards.)

1. Aurora: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?showtopic=4452
            -Best option, is still being developed, so new features are being added all the time. At the time of posting this link point to the latest revision.
2. Freestyle Dash:  http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/2090-f3-rev-775/
           - Very Nice, but discontinued, and slow with large game librarys. It should also be mentioned that features like weather are reported not working, as the app hasnt been update to work with the new weather api.
3. XexMenu 1.2: http://www.thetechgame.com/Downloads/id=11194/c=6952/xex-menu-12.html
           - Minimal xex launching app. Does come with built in ftp server, and file manager.


1. Hacked Original Xbox emulator: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/35-how-to-play-xbox1-games-on-your-jtagrgh/
2. Retroarch - Covers most old emulators, and is a good place to go if you want a general system emulator. There is now a version that is compatible with aurora rom launching feature, and it can be found here http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4957-emulators-that-work-with-auroras-autolaunch-feature/
3. The rest can be found here: http://www.realmodscene.com/xbins/XBOX%20360/emulators/
     - All of these emulators do not support Aurora's rom launching feature, but there are alot of really good emulators here. Some of them are libxenon only, and require being launched in xell, or through aurora file manager, which can now launch libxenon apps. :)

Homebrew Apps 360:

Homebrew Games 360:

1. all of the homebrew games I know of can be found here: http://www.realmodscene.com/xbins/XBOX%20360/Homebrew%20Games/

Dashlaunch Plugins:

1. XBDM.xex http://digiex.net/attachments/downloads/download-center-2-0/xbox-360-content/libxenon-homebrew-jtag-reset-glitch-content/7270d1314904344-xbox-360-jtag-xbdm-download-jtag_xbdm.zip
     -Allows for some devkit capabilitys, such as Xbox Neighborhood, memory editing, xbwatson, etc. Mainly used by trainer users/devs, and xbox live hackers.
2.swap.xex http://digiex.net/attachments/downloads/download-center-2-0/xbox-360-content/libxenon-homebrew-jtag-reset-glitch-content/7496d1318712021-xbox-360-disk-swapper-v1-1-beta-download-multidisk-game-switcher-disk_swapper_1.1.zip
     -Used for multidisc games from hdd, will swap discs for you. Not needed if running FSD3, or Aurora as the built in plugin already has this.
3. ftpdll.xex http://digiex.net/attachments/downloads/download-center-2-0/xbox-360-content/libxenon-homebrew-jtag-reset-glitch-content/7876d1324990546-ftpdll-0-3-xbox-360-ftp-server-runs-background-dash-game-ftpdll_0.3.zip
    -Ftp Server as plugin, will work in game, which the fsd/aurora/xexmenu versions do not.
4. RPC.xex, XRPC.xex
    -RPC plugins, used for making trainers, and hacking memory addresses in real time.
5. Stealth.xex
   -A set of plugins you will not get help with on these forums, so dont even ask about it. If you do, your thread will be removed.

6. ConnecX http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5234-connectx-and-aurora-how-to/

   -A Plugin For opening/Running games from SMB shares(The ones windows uses)

Original Xbox Homebrew/Emulators:
It should be noted, that some of these work no problem, and others dont. You will need to install the hacked emulator files listed above to run any original xbox homebrew. As the original version of this emulator was only meant to work with certain games, some homebrew wont work, so I will list apps I have tested, and if they work or not. I did not try any of the original xbox custom dashboards(eg. Avalaunch, EvoX, UnleashX, etc), because they arent needed for anything.

1. XBMC- As much as we would all like to see this on the 360, it doesnt work. :(
2. Duke3dX - not working :(
3. DoomX - Works, but randomly crashes.
4. XHeretic - Works, but didnt play for more then 5 minutes
5. XHexen - Works, but didnt play for more then 5 minutes

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So now we have the modded system and all the software and guides, we should cover the basics of how it all ties together.
All modded consoles should have dashlaunch. It loads your dashboard, blocks live, and does about 100 other things. All of these options are saved in a file called launch.ini
This file needs to be in the root of your drive(HDD, MU, USB). The console will load it automatically.
Example Launch.ini (this is my personal launch.ini)

BUT_X = Hdd:\Apps\NandSwitcher.xex
BUT_Y = Hdd:\Apps\XellLaunch.xex
Default = Hdd:\Aurora\Aurora.xex
Fakeanim = Hdd:\fakeanim\fakeanim.xex


ftpserv = false
ftpport = 21
updserv = true
calaunch = false
fahrenheit = false

pingpatch = true
contpatch = true
fatalfreeze = false
fatalreboot = true
regionspoof = true
region = 0x7fff
dvdexitdash = true
xblaexitdash = true
noupdater = true
liveblock = true
livestrong = false
nonetstore = true
nooobe = true
autofake = true


Now that we have that out of the way, and our launch.ini is all set up, lets finish this up!

Setting Up Link:

jqe360.com is no more. XboxUnity.net has replaced it. Create your Link account here.

This works with F3 rev 775, and all versions of Aurora.


This guide should give you enough info to set it up in Aurora and F3. The big difference is in aurora it refers to the new site name Unity instead of jqe360.com

Installing DLC:

The easiest way to do this is to copy it from another xbox via metro.

That being said, if you have the file on the computer, I would suggest using Horizon to copy the dlc to a usbmu, then use the metro/nxe dash to copy it to your system.

Or you could copy it directly to the content folder, but you will need to know the title ID for the game.

Installing/Using Trainers:

Aurora Trainers:

Other Trainers:

There are to many to cover here, and they all come with instructions from their developers. Most require having XBDM.xex and RPC.xex or XRPC.xex loaded as plugins.

The biggest ones I can think of are XYZProject, and XPGChamillion.

Installing Title Updates:

Using FSD/Aurora:

1. In both Aurora and FSD choose game, press y. This will bring up a menu. In FSD go down to the bottom and choose title updates. In aurora hit left on the dpad, and then go down to title updates.

2. Choose title update you want to install, and choose download.

3. Enable title update.

4. Launch game.

Manually install:

To do this you need to know the titleID of the game you need the title update for.

Go to xbuc.com and download the latest title update for the game you want to play.

1. for newer games, the title updates go in hdd:\content\0000000000000000\<TitleID>\00000002

2. for older games they go in hdd:\cache

Launch game and it should enable title update automatically.

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Alot of this is useless now(As far as links go), as the original guides were on the TX Forums, and they no longer exist. :( Swizzy is in the process of recreating all of those guides, and when they are ready, I will link them in the place of the guides from TX. :)

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I thought TX would give you guys the tutorial from their site.

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I thought TX would give you guys the tutorial from their site.

I have them already, i just haven't finished uploading all of them, i've got other things in life to do besides rebuilding guides so they work here ;)

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Good day . Sorry to trouble you. I just want to know if I can play online games Like Crew on my jtag xbox .FSD Aurora.  

Thank you for your respons. 

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3 hours ago, didis said:

Good day . Sorry to trouble you. I just want to know if I can play online games Like Crew on my jtag xbox .FSD Aurora.  

Thank you for your respons. 

Here you can play System Link only...

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Hi all,

I am before buying a XBOX 360 E.

The MFR date is 2014-10-09 of the console that I choosed to buy.

Can I do RGH on this console?

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49 minutes ago, Johniee said:

Hi all,

I am before buying a XBOX 360 E.

The MFR date is 2014-10-09 of the console that I choosed to buy.

Can I do RGH on this console?

I think it can not be installed RGH In this console  If the motherboard is Winchester  

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44 minutes ago, salah.rgh2 said:

I think it can not be installed RGH In this console  If the motherboard is Winchester  

Generally winchester consoles are not RGHable. 15432 managed to mod one, but it required replacing the XCGPU with a zero fused CPU, so that is outside the scope of what most people are able to do hardware wise. 

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