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problem with 2tb seagate hdd

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Hi everyone!

I got a strange situation with seagate external hdd. A model is Seagate Expansion Desktop 2TB (STBV2000200)

USB 3.0. I can't play games from it. When i try to start a game i got message: "The game could not start.

Please download the game again. For more help, go to www.xbox.com/support.". I got the same model and

everything is good (i can play games from it). I read a few posts about similar problem and this is what

i've done to this moment:

1) hdd is formated to fat32 - i try a lot of programs (paragon partition manager, easeus, guiformater,

formater32, gparted and others) and also try a hfs+ formating - still got the same problem.

2) i try a different cluster sizes (2-256) and when i set a cluster size from 2-32kb xbox original dash, fsd

and aurora see a hdd in file manager - i can copy to hdd and from hdd. when i set a bigger cluster size i

got message from xbox "new device connected. refreshing discs" but it cannot beeing seen with file manager.

From original dash i can see a disc but i cannot do anything with this hdd becasue i got message it is wrong


3) when fsd see it in file manager i copy a game which works from other disc but when i start it i got

mesage "game could not start". Game dont have an errors when was copying because i copy game from this feral

disc to pendrive (in fsd file manager) and from pendrive it starts.

4) I try aurora, fsd i used from xboxhdd, new fsd from pendrive and still no luck. But all this dashes saw

games (i got list of games, can download covers but can't play)

5) Game in GOD format launching, but in XEX and XBLA games don't. (But i don't like GOD, i got games in xex

and i don't want to changing all stuff from xex to iso and from iso to god:/ )

6) I got latest dash and kernel. Everything is updated (aurora, fsd, dash, kernel)

The strangest thing is that i got the second hdd, the same model and it works perfect. Also my coleague buy

the same model and his got the same problem. I buy this model because i got one and works good. It still

works but can't play games from it. So maybe anybody have a clue or know the reason why that happens?

Things i can do:
I dont formatting it from original xbox dash because maximum size of partition is 32gb, but i do it later

and try play games.
I have also a third disc (the same model) which i used as my data bank for photos, movies etc. I buy it

earlier when i buy this hdd to xbox (and works perfect). So if everything failed i can copy photos and other

stuff to this feral disc and try with another. But still i'm curious why i can't play XEX games from this


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download & install seagate seatools for windows (it also works for other makers drives)

connect the hdd

execute seatools program & accept

tick the box of the drive in question

run basic S.M.A.R.T scan

afterwards run short self drive test


short generic

then long genric

keep n eye on the program every so often as it's running;it will show up any drive errors

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Thanks for advice scorpNZ! I owe you!

I was thinkig my problem was not a hdd problem but xbox or dash but I was wrong. I've checked it with seatools and it fail during short generic.

Also I' ve checked with HD TUNE and this hdd is one big shiiii*****t - program read it as 250gb seagate and health status was 100% damaged! Good thing is Seagate can change it for another for free - good guarante.

And when I search serial number I notice that this hdd was manufactured in China. My other disc which I don't have any problems was manufacturing in Thailand.

And that's all folks!

Again - Thank you scorp! :*

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No thanks required i had no idea what the problem was,it just seems like a knew what i was doing when in fact it was nothing more than a fluke,it pretty much sums up how i get thru life i'm winging it the whole time...  :thumbup: ..In truth it was the only place to start as i have them as well & all work no issue as do others,if it turned out drive was ok i'd then look at game transfer corruption & or incorrect rip

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