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Want to install larger HDD on jtag xenon, info needed

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My jtag'd xenon was originally modded thru dvd flashed method. It currently has the latest dash 16197 and the efuse is not removed nor is ut61 bridged (which i am willing to do if needed). Currently running FSD 2.2 and latest dashlaunch off an external drive.

Well the hdd is small 12-15gig and with most DLC and updates, there is nothing left for new stuff. Most of the tutorials for installing a larger HDD are old (2-4yrs) and I am looking for someone to point me in the right direction to an up to date tutorial that explains what needs to be done to install a larger HDD.

Thanks in advance,

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If i where you i would bridge UT61 its a peice of cake, i did it my Xenon 3 days ago after reading about accidental updates :'( heres a picture of mine after i bridged it.

Posted Image

Also updating FSD to 3.04 is also a peice of cake, heres how i do it without formatting.

1) Download the latest FSD Version (FSD3.04)

2) Open the archive in ''Winrar'' or similar and take the other archive out of it onto your desktop.

3) Extract the contents of the archive that was inside the first archive :D

4) Place the folder onto the root of your USB/Pen Stick (ex. G:/F3Rev58Release)

5) Put the USB/Pen Stick into your Xbox360

6) You may be able to boot your 360 straight to XeXmenu by holding the ''X'' button down during start-up,

if not just load up normal and run it from dashboard

7) Once at XeXmenu navigate to the USB/Pen Stick directory and press ''Y'' on the folder with the FSD inside then choose ''Copy''

8) Navigate to your HDD:// root and press ''Y'' and choose ''Paste'', let it complete the process


9) Open Dashlaunch from XeXmenu if you have it, and click ''Paths'' you will see ''Default'' near the top of the list

10) Click on the path to alter it, Navigate to the directory where you pasted ''F3Rev58Release'' folder and click on the ''default.xex''

11) Press the ''LB'' button until you find a menu with a list of memory units and hard-drives, DONT PRESS ''A'' go down untill you are hovering over the one you want your default boot from, and press ''X'' which saves the ''launch.ini''

12) Press guide button and press ''Y'' and it should take you to the freshly installed FSD3.04

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OK, I made a mistake in the title by not making it clear that i wanted to install a larger HDD. I also stupidly forgot that portion in the body as well. I was typing on my iphone and mentally it was there but phyically it was not.

So Thanks to those above who gave info on updating FSD to 3.04 (which i will do soon), but i am looking to update the HDD to a larger one.

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Here's how you do it: 1. Take out your old lame small hard drive,

2. insert your big awesome new hard drive.

note, you may have to remove your old hard drive from its enclosure and put your new hard drive into said enclosure. Your Jtag can handle any size of 2.5 inch (laptop) ntfs hard drive. Just go to system settings and format it when your done installing it.

Also, bridging your board is an uneccesary risk. Just turn your parental settings on and make sure your console can't connect to Xbox live and can't create new live accounts. install dashlaunch and make sure that the XAM is patched to not accept updates.

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i think everyone knows how to change the hdd, but i think every hdd wont work.

i heard that it should be Western Digital brand. it would be very nice if somebody put a list of working 1-2tb hdd´s.

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