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Aurora 0.3b - Released!

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Thank you for all your work on Aurora. I love it. A refreshing new take on how a dashboard should look and feel. I have a feature request. Don't know if this is the right place to post it, but here goes...

If a game comes as four discs, I would like the option to see just one cover, and then have the ability to choose what disk to load when the game is launched. I have created a screenshot of the "details view" illustrating how it could be done:


Am I the only one missing this feature? I'm assuming this would not be hard to implement, but realise it's not a pressing feature. I would appreciate if you would consider this for a future update. Thx  :thumbup:

As most games will just switch discs automatically you can use the filter i set up to hide discs >= 2... it's included with 0.2b and later (if my memory serves me right)

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previous post about adding sound is a must for this fine development, if you are looking almost every application does it 

windows /linux does it / tablets apps /the default xbox dash have sounds xbmc have sounds and so far.....

sounds = more powerful does it add changes to the functionality nope

From the user prospect = they like by pressing something and there is some animation :-)

For some it's annoying therefore there is a possibility to turn it off

But it is the team from aurora that make the nice decisions they make so far

Perhaps you can let the users vote to add new features 


Thx for aurora i'm a very pleased user  


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How to configure lan workgroup ?

Samba don't work in aurora yet

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