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XBox Classic problem

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Hello all,

I have the original Halo game disc laying here, and I would like to rip it to iso so that I may play it through FSD3...

The game runs perfectly from the original disc, so the compatibility issues explained in the XBox1 tutorial on this site should be fixed, right? (preparing partition2, copying the compatibility folder, etc)

Well, what I tried was inserting my original game disc in the XBox360, ftp to the box and download the files from the disc - then copy those files to a folder accessible and scannable by FSD. FSD finds the game just fine, but when I try to launch it, I get an error saying "The original XBox game has encountered a problem and can't continue".

What'd I miss, or do I have to follow another procedure in order to back up this game?

Thanks in advance :)

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Well, turns out that XBox Classics do NOT like to be run through ConnectX....

It works perfectly from the internal HDD, but not through ConnectX - damn it :(

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