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Cover Uploading Guidelines

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This thread will contain some information to aid you when uploading covers to Xboxunity.net, basically, this thread will contain information as to what we are looking for when you're uploading covers (if you follow what is said here, your covers are more likely to be approved, if not, well... then it'll most likely not be approved!)

So, let's begin shall we?:

  • Cover Size: The cover size must be EXACTLY 900x600 [Height: 600, Width: 900] pixels (this is checked automatically by the system)
  • "Official": An official cover is basically one that you've scanned in from your original game, things like "Cover by ..." will NOT make it official... (you don't see retail games with such shit do you?) if you're not sure if your cover qualify as "official", don't check the box ;)
  • Multipile covers: Don't upload the same cover several times, we'll only accept 1, if they look identical to us, we'll accept the first one and reject the rest...
  • Cover Matching Game: Don't upload a cover that's for another game, if you're not sure what game you're looking at, ask the staff to upload it for you... if you can't find the game, ask in this thread to have it added: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4100-request-missing-titles-to-be-added/ we'll add it if it doesn't already exist, but please... search for the TitleID if possible before making your requests... the site does support searching by TitleID aswell
If you aren't sure about something, feel free to ask me or anyone else in the staff and we'll try to help you understand...

The most important rule is; use common sense, the cover you're about to upload, would you want to have this as the cover for the game on your console? if not; chances are nobody else is going to want it etheir...

** More information will be added as i find a good way to explain it **

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Here are some examples of covers that will be rejected (and why):


Because it's a banner, not a cover (the image doesn't wrap around the cover properly in Aurora/F3)


Because it's basically the front cover stretched out to fit the size criteria... it's essentially become a banner... not really what we're looking for...


Because there's no spine! it's front stretched to cover both the front and spine, or something like that... not what we're looking for!


Because it's a mix 'n' match of various covers, and it looks weird in the spine due to the shrink of the text in a unnatural way


Because it's not an official cover, it's easy to spot that it's NOT official because it has the Xbox One style in the header, and afaik that's NOT how games look in stores... An official cover is a cover made for the retail copy of the game, not modified by you more then to correct colors/lighting after scanning it in (some scanners have too much brightness on or so ending up with a cover that looks like it's been too long in the sun or whatever, correcting this is fine when doing official, but changing bigger things like this, or adding a icon to say "this cover was made by..." is NOT official!)


Because there is no Xbox One games that can be used with a Xbox 360 console...

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