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Problem downloading updates for FSD3

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Hi guys,

I just recently joined and I found a wealth of information with regards to modding the xbox360 from your great site. I had the v2 installed previously which was installed by a friend and recently I decided to be adventurous and upgrade it to the FS3. All was fine until I tried to update the Nand and dashboard etc. Everything went fine right up to updating the kernel to 16197. Did the avatar updates etc.

Then I found that I had to reinstall the FS3 again. That's when the problem begins. I followed the tutorial to the latter. But somehow or rather I just can't download the updates for the FS3. It just hangs there at 0kb. So I just did the next best thing, install without updates and when it came to the Dashlaunch section, it says that dashlaunch 3.02 does not support the kernel 16197. So i reinstalled without the updates, deselected the 'install and configuring the dashboard' box and managed to reinstall FS3 at its basic setup.

Restart the system and it goes into the xbox home and not FS3.

Guys im really new at this and i really dunno what to do next. Is there any reason why I cant update the files? Or why it is not going automatically into FSD3?

Really need yr assist.

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