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Diablo 3 : ROS LiNK problem

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My friend and I are having difficulty connecting for some reason, we are both running the same TU and we have set the room up as per the tutorial ( actually, we've been playing it for the last 3 nights without problems ) we can see each other in the LiNK room but when we go to the in game menu and ' find game ', there's nothing. I tried going into a few other rooms where there were others playing just to check but still neither my xbox, or his, were picking up any games available to join. We both have the in-game region over ride deselected ( same language etc as well ) and the in game network settings set to ' system link 'Does anyone have any idea what might have caused this ? Any advice would be much appreciated :)

EDIT : Apologies, it's just occurred to me that this should have gone in the ' support ' section  :blushing: 

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I'm having somewhat the same problem with a friend of mine.

i've been trying all week to fix it :(

we now have the same kernel ,same dashlaunch both on same TU and we both have a stable connection.

when we both loggin for the first time ,we can see eachother and we can join.

but after about half a minute one of us gets kicked and for some reason we can't join eachothers game anymore.

another strange thing...he can't make a room.

we both reset our routers and modems,nothing seems to make a difference

the annoying thing is when we played (Diablo 3 )in the past we didn't have any problems.

and when we're on our PS3 we don't have any problems.

does anyone know how to fix this ,because i'm about to give up.

thnx in advance!!

when we're in the room i CAN see his game,but when i try to join i get an ERROR not able to join host or something like that.

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I am going to assume that is is ISP related but will look into it on the sever side.

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