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problems with FSD and external, help

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Sinister    0

I have a rgh slim. Has a 500 gig internal. Just trying to add a 1TB external.

I have the external being seen by FSD....BUT,

I moved a few games to the external. They are seen by FSD. BUT GOD games give a error and tell me I need to re download them then the xbox goes to the NXE dash.

XEX games will just not do anything from FSD.

Only way to launch games on the external is to go into the path with file manager , find the default xex for GOD or the equivalent for xex titles and then they load. (not able to launch them from my "library")

FSD recent played is not showing titles played from the External.

I have set the paths for both the internal and external.

Remove the external and the game titles still show in FSD.

Help?? Please.

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JPizzle    0

make sure the games path is not the same on internal as it is on external

so if you internal hdd1 path is hdd:Games

on external try Usb:360Games

make sure to remove your old external path from F3 first.

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Sinister    0

Thank you for the response and guidance.

Before I go and perhaps make things worse for myself, let me see if I am understanding.

My internal is

hdd1:XBOX 360 GOD (games)

hdd1:XBOX 360 XEX (games)

I did

USB0:XBOX 360 GOD (games)

USB0:XBOX 360 XEX (games)

I SHOULD do someting like

USB0:GOD (game)

USB0:XEX (game)

and I should be good??

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