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How to Flash Your nand using Debain live cd And your Pc

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** Tutorial written by brownienz, all credit goes to him **

Ok so just putting this together after a recent Accident That Landed me

with a xbox that booted to the Logo and Or Xell with no means of flashing the nand

Since I no longer had Xellous and dont have a lpt cable or any of that jazz and xell wouldnt update to

xellous off usb and without a booting xbox I was unable to load up flash360 I was stuck

So I thort this might help someone

I dont think there is anything on here that covers this

so here goes.

This will help you if you have xell and your xbox wont boot anything but xell After a bad flash

and you have no way to flash your nand Saved my ass Posted Image

What you will need is

* Debian5.0 MiniLiveCD Free60 Get it HERE

* A blank Cd

* Image Burn or another program to burn the Debain iso With

* Putty.exe Get it HERE Download the .exe file

* WinSCP Get it HERE

* A modem or router

* A working Copy of your Nand If its a original You should Build A freeboot image From your original

And use that.(There more than Enuff info on here about how to do that So I wont get in to it)

First thing you want to do is Burn the debain live Cd to a Blank Cd I stress Cd not a dvd

When you have the Debain Cd burnt Connect your xbox and computer to the modem or router

Then You can start your Xbox Up to boot xell With the Eject button.

As soon as xell boots close the disk try with the Debain disk in the drive And wait for it to load It will

Take a few mins To load A Screen With "Free360 Debain lenny live Cd" Along the top When you have this screen

Take Note of the Ip address at the top as you will need it in the next steps Leave you xbox there at the moment

and move to the PC .

Now you want to start up putty.exe and type in the IP address From your xbox where it says host-name

Click open and a black box appears. Login as root/xbox360 and the password is xbox360

(Note when you type the password it might not show on screen)

When done, press enter, now the screen that is on your jtag should appear in the black screen on putty.

Leave putty open.

Next you want to Start up WinSCP and type your IP adress again into the host name box

type in root into the username box and xbox360 into the password box. Change the file protocol to FTP

and The port to 21 then click login.

Another screen will pop up With your computer on the left and /<root> on the right

Open the IMAGES folder and drag your working Nand image named freeboot.bin in to the Images folder When Prompted

with a box click copy. When its finished its on to the final step Leave WinSCP Open.

Now go back to The putty Window And as long as your screen on putty is the same as the screen on your xbox

You can move on and flash

NOW Make sure you get this right. Check what you type is correct before you press enter!!!!

In the command line on putty type xbrflash -w freeboot.bin and when you are sure it is correct press enter

It should start flashing when its done turn the xbox off and unplug the power cable from the back of the

xbox Leave it for around 30 seconds and Start up your xbox All going well You should be back to a

working booting dash Posted Image

Hope this Helps someone and sorry if its Hard to understand Ill try Thin It out When I get the chance

And put some pics up Cheers

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sorry man, added to the top and I am very glad to see you have migrated to the new site with us :)

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