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Help i need someone to repair my console for me

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from previous post "so i have a phat jasper rgh console which has been  running absolutely flawless and just updated to the 16537 dashboard, however today when the unfortunate happend i was booting in xell to play a emulator however it seems the hard drive i was using contained something to flash my nand and the console was powered off i believe while it was doing its thing , at first it would power on just would not boot so i waited awhile unplugged it and now i get nothing now power what so ever ". i was told to get a hardware flasher and write the updflash.bin(which i have) to hopefully restore it however i dont have the tools or the knowledge to do this so if anymore runs a repair service please let me know and how much it will cost really wanna get this fixed by someone who knows what theyre doing and i trust the people on this site i need someone from the usa to do this because thats where im located.thanks

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Oops that sucks man, similar thing happened to my buddy, though in his case had no backup so he was sol.  good news is you have a backup of your flash so it should be a quick fix :)    i'd like to offer my services though  you probably wouldn't approve of my  low post count.. Idk that i'm allowed to actually ill have to read through da rules again. =P 

I would first try to find somebody local offering the service on CL preferably someone that can do it whilst you wait and maybe watch them do it as well.

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