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[Tut]How To Check Your xbox360 for secondary error codes!

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RROD System Check Secondary Error Code

Hi Everyone,

This tut will explain to you how to check your xbox 360 for secondary 3 RROD error codes. I am explaining in step by step form how to help get your 360 fixed by a professional and the information they will need to better diagnose your xbox360s symptoms.

First what you will want to do is turn on your xbox 360 and let the 3 RROD appear.

Secondly you will want to hold down your Sync Button the little white button next to the power button make sure you hold this at all times.

Thirdly you will want to tap your eject button one time and count the number of lights that flash. Then tap the eject button again and count the lights, do this a third and fourth time counting the lights on the fifth eject press it should go back to the 3 RROD blinking lights.

Examples of the code lights are 4 lights flashing = 0 3 lights flashing = 3 2 lights flashing = 2 1 light flashing = 1

So say you have an error code of 0102 this is an over heating of the GPU error code. This error code will help the person who is fixing your xbox 360 narrow down the problem and better get your 360 fixed correctly.

Here is a list of some the secondary 3RROD error codes that are known.

0001 Power problem, probably a short somewhere, or the psu

0002 Power problem, probably a short somewhere, or the psu

0003 Power problem, probably a short somewhere, or the psu

0010 over heating

0011 over heating - If you are receiving this error after disassembling your console make sure to all 8 of the heatsync screws are tightened securely to the board/heatsink holes.

0012 over heating

0013 over heating

0020 (possibly overheating)

0021 DVD Drive Time out - Can be caused by problems with a firmware flash. This is also speculated to sometime be caused by a problem with the southbridge chipset on the motherboard.

0022 GPU Error / GPU Overheating

0023 (not yet known)




though it's most likely GPU related literally means the console does not know what is wrong. possibly a short or cold solder joint somewhere. So far there is 1 major theory for what causes most of these errors is that the Ram, CPU, or GPU are not soldered properly to the mother board due either to poor manufacturing or excessive heat up and cool down cycles that stress, weaken and eventually break the soldered connection.

There are two theories to fixing this one deals with the "X" clamps that hold down the chips. The other involves re-Heating the chips. DO NOT attempt either of these if your console is still under warranty. If your console is still under warranty return it to the store where it was purchased or call MS to have it replaced. I have also heard of limited success by simply switching the AV cable from "HDTV" mode to "TV" mode.

0103 CPU Error/ CPU Overheating - see solution for error 0102

0110 Memory Error / Memory Overheating - see solution for error 0102


0200 (not yet known)


1000 (not yet known)

1001 (not yet known)

1002 (not yet known)

1003 Hard Drive Error... It could be a problem with the Hard Drive itself or a problem with the internal connection to the hard drive, Try removing the hard drive and playing without it

1010 Hard Drive Error, Can be caused by a corrupt or missing eProm.

1011 (not yet known)

1012 (not yet known)

1013 (not yet known) possibly a dashboard update error

1020 (not yet known)

1021 (not yet known)

1022 AV cable error... There is a problem with the AV cable, try using a different AV cable. (could also be a problem with the encoder chip)

1023 DVD drive not connected, connect DVD drive to boot

1030 (not yet known)

1031 (not yet known)

1032 (not yet known)

1033 (not yet known)

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