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Did i just ruin my xbox?

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Let me try to tell you what happend:

last week (the day before yesterday) i upgraded the 2.2 to 3.0, happy as kid i was. Really loving it.

To try to play a game i got the advise to unload / uninstall dashlaunch, so i went into dashlauncher and tried that. Then when my xbox reboots the darn thing kept rebooting (not in a loop but everytime i start up) in Dashlauncher instead of FSD. hey that wasnt the plan, i want thast fsd to start up.

Well, simple as i am, gonna start all over again. Popped in the uninstaller.iso dvd and check the boxes:

download latest version

remove existing install

install F3

and hit the "isntall-button"

after installing it reboots, in FSD but not signed in with an profile. So i scroll thru my profiles and select mine. Its says its logging in but then reports there is something wrong with it. Nóóóóóó, all my achievements / gamerpoints gone?

So, basically the question is if someone can point me in the right direction, and tell me what i did wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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Is your Microsoft kernel up to date? You may need to install the latest version of freeboot to get the full funtionality of Freestyle dash 3.

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Also if you have the xbdm plugin installed or have ever had it installed enable the option in the dashlaunch behaviour section to allow dev profiles to show. loading my profile with xbdm active made my profile a dev profile and would not save games or let me get achievements and in the nxe showed as corrupt profile and would error in fsd3 unless i had the option to allow dev proflies to show set in dashlaunch :) try enabling the devprof option in the behaviour part of dashlaunch and see if that helps you mate good luck i was in the same boat as you thought i lost all my gamer points and achievements everything is fine now after enabling the dev profile option in Dashlaunch

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