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Corona RGH Tutorial by Razkar

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Originally Posted on Homebrew-Connection.org:

Here is a complete tutorial to realise a RGH on the corona motherboard

I : Preamble

A: Compatible Corona

- Your Corona motherboard musn’t have the mmc phison chip linked to the nand => check this picutre

- The Kernel of your mother must be bellow 15574 (it means CB < 13181)

B: Needed materials

You will need :

- Squirt 1.2 or other coolrunner with oscillator

- A CPLD programmer : nand-x, squirt programmer, LPT cable…

- A nand dumper flasher

- Soldering materials

II : Programming the CPLD

A : Squirt[

You will need the 360 squirt programmer and UrJTAG application. Place the files you want to flash your cpld with next to the executable.

Posted Image

Squirt team recommand to use rgh_corona_minusone_nr(suggested).svf , but if you don’t have good result with it, you can try another one.

Then use the following commands :

cable ft2232


svf yourfile.svf

Posted Image

B : Coolrunner

Use your nand-x and nandpro 3.0, place de xsvf file you want to flash next to nandpro 3.0 and use the following command : nandpro xsvf: yourfile.xsvf

Posted Image

II : Making the hacked image

-Use this diagram to solder your nand dumper

Posted Image

- Dump your console’s nand twice usinge Jrunner or nandpro 2.X (nandpro usb: r16 (or 64): nand1.bin): nand1.bin) and make sure they match (fc /b nand1.bin nand2.bin)Posted Image

- Use Xebuild Gui 2.081 to make the ECC image.

Posted Image

Posted Image

- now flash the ecc image with nandpro and the +w16 command (nandpro usb: +w16 image.ecc)

(i used squirter program, but Jrunner or nandpro 2.X is fine too)

Posted Image

III : Soldering the hardware

RGH corona Diagram

(open in new window)

Posted Image

Posted Image

IV : let’s glitch

A : Make the console boot

Connect your 360 to your TV, plug the power supply and the network cable, turn it on.

Posted Image XeLL doesn’t boot with any video Posted Image

So once you see the debug led stop blinking, it’s the console has booted .

If you don’t have boot at all, check your soldering, play with the CPU_RST length or you can try other jed/xsvf files.

B : Grab the key

Once the console has booted, go back on your computer and launch Xebuild GUI 2.081.

In Tool, use the scan for XeLL features

Posted Image

Put 0-100 in scan range and press Start scanning for Xell

Posted Image

After a few, you should see this =)

Posted Image

Now you can build your Freeboot image, be sure to select RGH 2.0

Posted Image

- Flash it with your favorite software with the -w16 command

Posted Image

Full credit goes to

- Tiros & GliGli for their original RGH work

- cOz for his universal SMC patcher

- Squirt360 Team

- Xecuter Team

- Nice69 for the onboard Oscillator founding

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