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Problems with Title Updates - F3

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Hi everybody!, thanks to all before replying me for the support!

I'm new to RGH and i have just installed Freestyle Dashboard 3, i have just few problems to solve:

1) Title Updates: it's not easy to explain the problem but i'll try... i have a slim 4gb ( Memory Unit Inside and not HD ) and Freestyle Dashboard 3.0 rev58 , when i download a title update from the dashboard ( it downloads the correct title update ) and i activate it, i see that the file of the title update is put inside the folder /root/internalMU/ and then into a folder called $Title Updates. The fact is that the game doesn't see it, and it isn't installed correctly. Then i tried downloading manually from marketplace.jqe.360 the same title updates and putting into an usb formatted from the xbox360, the software i used to inject the title updates into the usb (saw from the xbox360 as memory unit ) is Horizon... Horizon create a 000000000000000/idofthegame/0000000B00000/and put a file inside.... now the title update works... but the problem is that i love the functionality of the freestyle dash that allow me to download from the xbox the title update ... and i don't want to do every time the injection with horizon from my pc and then reinsert the usb pen into the xbox... Anyone can help me? Do you know why the freestyle dash doesn't install the title update i download from the dash in the same mode as horizon do it? Thanks!

another thing, after done the horizon injection , i copied the same folders of the usb pen into the internal MU of 4gb i have, and it works...

all i need is that freestyle dashboard install into my INTERNAL MU of 4gb the title update in the correct mode, as Horizon do it...

i hope i was clear explaining my problem, and sorry for my bad english!

2) just i'm here : when i download covers from the dashboard i see that if i do "REFRESH ARTWORK" it downloads another cover, there is a way to choose one of multiple covers to download? for example, i want to download the cover of fifa 13, when the dashboard is connected can download 3-4 different versions of covers... i can choose one and view the preview? or i have to do refresh artwork until it downloads the one i like?

3) anyone can post me a link where see how to play with battlefield 3 with HD TEXTURES? i have read lots of guide but no one works for me...

thanks to all!


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1) take the 4 gig card out. if you dont have a hdd then i would advise to install to big enough usb pen or external hdd and run from it re-install fsd 3 do another scan then try downloading updates.

2) i believe the downloads you get are the game picture,info & screen captures.

3) if youve taken the 4 gig card out your battlefield 3 with HD TEXTURES should be a god file and installed in content etc folder (only hd content needed).

Had the problem myself at one point the 4 gig card just causes problems, happy gaming

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