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Grand theft auto 5 Loading Problem. please Help1

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good day guys...i need some help really desperate..

i have done everything that i can..and all topic guide how i can play gta 5.

done using xbox image browser and converting disc 1 and putting on


i also converted using xbox image browser even dvd backup..and put dvd 2 in game files.

yes doing this bypass. ALERT, An online user profile is required for this version of th egame. please sign in now..

but on loading screen...it just freeze and nothing happen..

ok tried converting dvd 2 using iso2god..but not disk 1..still used dvd backup and put it on content.

now an online user profile is required..

so i guess i should not use iso2god..

my real problem is the loading screen...i have patch my dashlaunch to 3.10

may dashboard 16537.

please i really need help..been doing this for like 11hrs from now.

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Enable fake live. and make sure u installed it correcly.

Fake live isn't required for GTA V ;)

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i have check this thread already and didn't help me every single bit in the internet..didn't fix my problem..but after 2days..getting headache and really frustrated..i try it again to put dvd 1 to content but this time on cache content..and it works with no problem!..problem solved..

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