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Lucidity Skin for F3 rev 402 by Aioros

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My friend Aioros is proud to share with you today a new version of his skin "Lucidity" now compatible with F3 / Freestyle 3.

This theme is my favorite since years now, because it's very basic (all the useless stuff have been removed), all the tabs are now in one line and the two smoothy wave give it a very good look. All the elements from the default theme has have been modified and new layout have been added (Thx to RacerX for them).

There is not much to say more about it, just look at the video, try it and enjoy =).

If you found any bug, please report them in this thread.


Posted Image

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Fantastic skin. Just managed to have a quick play with it for 5 mins before going to bed. Noticed there is no connect to Kai option. (I know it's broken at the moment dashboard side). If that we're included it would make this skin phenomenal in my eyes. Maybe in an update ? Anyway thanks once again


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Hi please can the skin be updated for the latest rev of F3. This skin is fantastic and is the only skin I enjoy using. Thanks

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