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How to use Dosflash to fix a bad flash

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alrighty, so since jungleflasher occasionally messes up and fails during a flash, most of the time you must resort to DosFlash to finish it. here is a quick list of what you will need.

1) usb flash drive

2) the following files

HP format tool with boot files


DosFlash v1.8


your hacked firmware made by jungleflasher


so the first thing you will want to do is create your bootable USB drive. in order to do this, use the HP format tool you should have downloaded from the above link. it will ask you what your destination is, and have you navigate to the boot files. run the tool, and make sure that you have ticked the Fat32 and 'make bootable' buttons.

once this is done, copy dosflash v1.8 onto the USB drive.

next rename your hacked FW that jungflasher made to hack.bin

now shut down your PC and unplug all hard drives and dvd drives. you only need the 360 drive hooked up to do this, and no sense in leaving the others hooked up.

turn on PC and boot off of your USB drive. once at the command prompt type in dosflash.exe. after this it will scroll through all your available ports. the one you are looking for will contain either MXIC or Winbond/NEX, samsungs will contain SST (39SF020). select the corresponding number and then you will type in W for write.

then you will type in the name of your hack.bin file. it will then do its thing, and your drive will be good as new.

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