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3.5" HDD Internalization Simplified

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Must Have Modded Xbox (Duh)

Only for Phat far as i Know


Hey guys havent seen this easy mod posted anywhere yet. The Gist of it is that MS uses a standard SATA power and data plug to connect to their small 5v 2.5" hard drives and then run it to a specialized plug that then plugs into the xbox. Since desktop hard drives use 12v that leaves us out.  What my simplified mod does is add 12v to the standard power side of the hard drive plug. Remeber the pads are their for the 12v line, MS just didnt add support for 12v.


Ive done the mod posted here:  http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/7-35-hdd-internalization/ .It does work great, only problem is it requires alot of soldering and not to mention the other 100 things that could go wrong at any given point during the process. This simplified method realizes the same end result , only easier and more practical. Why not use what MS already gave us =)


What You Need:

1- 12v wall plug that's rated at least 1amp. Or get 12v from the xbox motherboard

2- Multimeter for testing your wall plug 12v +/-

3- Stock HDD cable from a 360 hard drive. Either use one from a 360 hdd case or get one here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/XBOX-360-HDD-SATA-Connection-Adapter-To-Console-/220845145863?pt=US_Video_Gaming_Replacement_Parts_Tools&hash=item336b657f07

4- SATA Power Pinout:  http://pinouts.ru/Power/sata-power_pinout.shtmlIve 

5- Soldering Iron and solder

6- Maybe some hot glue


Ok so now that you're armed with what you need, carefully remove the rubberlike outside from the MS hdd adapter on the side that plugs into the hdd. Carefully cut out or remove any glue they used so that you can get to the 12v line you need and the Ground. Again, the SATA power pinout is posted above. Take your 12v wall power supply and attach the positive 12v to the pin on the xbox plug that's for 12v and solder the ground to ground on the xbox plug. You'll notice there are 3 pads for 12v. I don't think it matters which one you use. Never payed much attention and never had an issue thus far. The ground i just attach to the ground they already have a wire on. Only problem is I did this mod a couple years ago after not wanting to solder the power and data cables to the motherboard anymore so i have no pix of the process. I just have a picture of the end result. i"m using a 2tb external drive. The cool thing about that drive is the back comes off it to reveal the standard SATA plug so i don't have to remove the hdd from the case. If anyone wants to do this and send me some pics I'll gladly add them to the tutorial and give ya credit or just post them in the section

Finished Product:  http://imageshack.us/gal.php?id=rJWkmNDe0Zrj1NyS


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