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CObra ODE MCU 1.6 is released + Updated Tortuga Cove Review

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Cobra ODE News - Update

The much anticipated 1.6 firmware update is now available for download.

The biggest feature of this update is the addition of the new auto-eject feature. You can now switch games without rebooting and without ejecting discs. All from the comfort of your couch. The new auto-eject feature does not require any modifications to the ODE, nor does it require any new accessories or soldering, it is now available to all ODE users, from all models, with the simple update of your Cobra ODE.

We have also added periodical polling of the HDD to prevent hard drives from going to sleep mode which made some games freeze if they had been paused for a while. The HDD polling can be disabled or configured from the cobra.cfg file.

When Cobra ODE was first released, we had seen a huge amount of positive feedback, although many users had two major concerns, the first being the use of homebrew to achieve game selection, and the second being the need to reboot or eject discs in order to switch games. With the Cobra ODE browser support which was added in v1.5 and the auto-eject feature added in v1.6, we have resolved both of these concerns for our users. Today, the Cobra ODE looks like a brand new device with a completely new user experience, which we think will make most of you happy.

The Cobra Team is the first to bring true "no eject, no reboot" feature to the PS3 ODE world for all models and we will continue to bring you new exciting features in the future.You can now grab the 1.6 update form the downloads section. Please refer to the user manual for updated instructions on how to use the auto-eject feature.

We are also releasing an update to ps3genextra tool which generated the Cobra ODE Browser, please use this version with the 1.6 update.
Concurrently, we are releasing an update to the Cobra ODE Manager which adds support for the auto-eject feature and in parallel releasing an update to the third party integration library which allows third party managers to use the auto-eject feature.

Enjoy :)

Tortuga Cove's updated review.

Cobra has released their 1.6 MCU update which added a couple impressive features.

1. No longer required to reset or eject the system on game change. To do this you press the PS button then navigate to the disc icon on the XMB press triangle and select "remove disc" which takes you back to the XMB and enables a new game selection.  (note: For superslim 4xxx model users, the “Remove disc†option is not available in the XMB, you can
enable the “manager.on_reboot=1†configuration option in the cobra.cfg file and reboot the
console or you can open and close the drive cover to switch back to manager mode.)

2. No longer requires a homebrew app launch to select games.

So today I downloaded all the required files to update the ODE to latest MCU fw and then ran the required "genps3extra 1.1"  The "genps3extra 1.1" app is a required PC app that enables game selection via the XMB, via a custom generated manager it builds based on the iso list in your game directory.

To be absolutely honest I found the instructions in the manual requiring how to use this a little confusing, so let me break it down.

When they say select the "COBRA_ODE_BROWSER" directory they mean the folder that comes in the genps3extra 1.1 archive.  Then you select the COBRA folder on your USB drive.  This must be done every time the ISO list changes on the drive.  

A small thing worth noting is the new manager is kinda hefty in size with mine taking 334mb.

Upon testing it functioned exactly as they said with the game loading seconds after selecting, and a flawless return to the XMB upon selecting remove disc from XMB after mounting.

These are great additions and made a good product even better.  I stand firmly behind my previous review stating this is a good hardware solution for people who either want ntfs game mounting support on cfw or people on OFW 3.56 with no downgrade options.

For additional info please see my first review for full info about this product, as this review should be considered a addendum to that review.

~igor242 (review was done on mcu update 1.6 and Cobra Browser)

All links below link directly to Cobra's official webpage.
Cobra ODE main page
Cobra ODE offical resellers
Cobra ODE downloads(user manual, install guide, fw, and any other required files)
Cobra ODE contact links


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