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Help Updating my Xbox 360

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Hello all , 

i need your help ....

i have xbox 360  slim with RGH/ JTAG  ( i don't know if i have RGH2/RGH1 ) . 

i have karnel and dashboard  : 2.15774 , and i want to update it to the last version .. .

i don't know where my JB files are located ? 

do i need DiscOnKey ( 8 giga formated with FAT32 -right? ) 

What about the LT3.0 ( what is it ? ) will it be disabled ?

please help me out .. 

i really need help so i don't destroy my xbox . 

please tell me if i understand the steps ok : 


1. open the console with eject button and get the CPUKEY  - in order to place it on the XeBuild . 

2.open xebuiled  on my computer ( 64 bit supported ? )  and enter CPUKEY ( When i  open xeBuild_1.08 and run xeBuild.exe i don't get a screen to enter CPUKEY ,,, does this program contain the karnel Update?) 

3. open FSD / XEXMenu  ( how do i know what i have and where is it located (can i have  both ?) and then enter the disconkey with Nand Flasher for xbox 360   - the step is to dump ( backup ? ) the current karnel ? if something is no working write ? 

it create orig_nand.bin that i'll be changing to the lastest version ?

4. after i get the orig_nand.bin i need to back it up and put it in the xebuild ? - my fears in this stage is that i don't know what "build type" q "motherboard"  / "karnel version" / "misc options"  / "Xell" and "motherboard information"  can you help me out with this stage???

5.after crating the new updflash.bin / nandflash.bin i need to copy it to the USB again and open up the Nand Flasher for xbox 360 and chose the "write'" option and chose the new file - this will update my karnel to the latest version ( 2.16537). 

6. now i need to instal FSD3 ,,,how do i know what is my current FSD - or if i have any  ? 

7. now the last step is to upgrade my kienct and avatar by simply copying the $$ystemupdate to the root of my disconkey and accept the update ?


a few questions:

1. what about all my current save and profiles ?

2 .is there any chance my xbox will become brick ?

3. can i be able to play all my other games (that worked fine before the update ) - this update is for GTA V  and of courseto ne up to date :-)

4. will my kienect work fine after the update ? 

5. will i be able to retry the update if something fails ?  

6. do i need to take it to an expert ? 

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your way over complicating the process. All you want to do is udpate "xell" "dashlaunch" and the stock dash. 


If you do not have a copy of your nand and cpu key on your pc which you should have as a matter of course then unplug all hard drives, power on the machine using eject and wait for it to show you the IP address of your machine, or go into your router and find it that way.... all your looking for is your IP address of the 360. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A COPY OF YOUR NAND then stick the ip address into chrome or firefox or I.E and then download it that way then follow the tut below. 



Download xeBuild_GUI_2.091, (this version has dash 16537) then from there you can build your image, it's really straight forward, it will build an image for you that you can then put on a formatted FAT32 usb key. (you would put this file on the root of the USB key and then power your machine on with the eject and it should then update xell)


when you open the program, load your source file (your nand) then a little further down you load your CPU key... you should then see all green "ticks" along the bottom of xebuild... (this is the old way to do it but in your case sounds like the best way for now.) if you don't see all green ticks then don't proceed and report back.


Generate your image, this will make a file called "updflash.bin" copy this to a fresh formatted usb FAT32 key, stick it in your xbox and power it on with "eject" let it update.....






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Hey there 

 thanks for your replay , you can undestand me complexing the process ( i have never done this before and idon't want to brick my xbox 360 

i don't have a copy of your nand and cpu key on my pc  ... and my xbox was never connected to the internet or the router ,,, i have never tried to acsses it from remote ( http://IP/

if i use the Nand Flasher for xbox 360  will it back up my nand ? if i start the xbox with eject and do nothing can i get the cpukey ? 

by the way  i don't know how to upload pics so i'll write down my settings

current setting - via setting on xbox dashbord :

dashboard : 2.0.11574.0

i have an 250GIGA internal HHD , and a 1 TERA HD for games .

when i want to play games i click on Freestyle Dash 1.09

then when i go to setting -- i see creadits ... it has :

Dash Version :2.2 Rev 692 Skin Name :Default.zp

Karnel Version : 2.0.11574.0  Skin Version : 2.2 Rev692

on my Hdd1 i have folders like :






i hope this information helped ! 

Where can i download  Download xeBuild_GUI_2.091  ???

thanks for your help ..

i really need someone to help me every step of the way ...



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