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GTA 5 Disc1 Extraction and Install

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Extracting Disc1

Posted Image

1st) Click the "Browse" button and navigate to the place you would like the iso to be extracted to. I have noticed that sometimes this path does not get set correctly and files end up getting extracted somewhere else, so set the path then exit and re-open Exiso GUI.
2nd) Click the "Add an ISO" button and just load the ISO for GTA Disc1.
3rd) Click the "Go" button and let it run. The extraction time will vary depending on the amount of RAM in your PC and it best to not do anything until Exiso GUI has finished. Once its finished you will be notified by a pop-up just hit "OK" on that box and exit out of ExISO GUI.

Using 360 Content Manager to install the needed files
Posted Image

1st) Click the settings button in Content Manager so that the proper settings can be applied.

Posted Image

***For All of the following steps you will need FreeStyleDash (FSD) running with FTP enabled.***

2nd) In Settings click the "FTP" tab

3rd) Set the IP address to match the IP address that you are giving in FSD.

4th) To verify that your IP is correct and able to connect to FSD click the "Test" button. If the test fails make sure Content Manager is not blocked by your PCs firewall and that FTP is enabled in FSD.

5th) If you are install this to an internal HDD then you can skip this and move on to the 6th step. If you are using a USB Memory Unit type "USBMU0" (zero not an o at the end) with out quotes into the box. 

6th) Click "Save" button
Posted Image

7th) Navigate to the folder that contains the extracted ISO files you got from running ExISO GUI earlier

8th) Right Click the folder 

9th) Select "Load Files From Subfolders"

10th) After the folder is scanned you should get 4 files listed under "Game Add-On" put a check mark beside the files like in the screenshot.

11th) Click the button to FTP the selected files to the 360.
Posted Image

12th) On this screen just click the "Upload" button. Its 7.69GB of files so it will take some time to FTP all the files to the 360. Once its finished you can exit out of 360 Content Manager. This is all that needed from Disc1 so there is no need to copy anything other then the 4 files you just FTPed to the 360.
For Disc2 just treat that as a single disc game from here. There is no need to try and set it up as a multidisc game. There have been reports of GTA 5 having issues if ran from the same device as the installed content (Disc1 Content) so my suggestion is if you installed the disc1 content to a internal HDD then try to run disc2 content from an external HDD.


Apps: ExISO GUI and 360 Content Manager

These apps my need to be ran in Administrator Mode 



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Dit is allemaal nieuw voor mij en dankzij deze guide is het mij gelukt GTA V draaiende te krijgen.  :thumbup:

Disc1 op interne harde disk gezet volgens de stappen, Disc2 uitgepakt en manueel op de externe harde schijf gezet.

Dus, puik werk! Thanks  :clap:

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