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Theoretical question about dashlaunch

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some Games in the Past did not work as they should to name a example COD black OPs II

but dashlaunch fixed thoes problems ..well now i got a new game which wont work as it should

Saints row 4 ..ok..it's just because i am not running the newest Kernel (still on 14699)

my Question is, is it definitely required to update once in a while ( i am talking about the Kernel)

or is this a Problem that dashlaunch can solve without me dumping my nand re flash it.than reflash avatar and so on and so which i.m.o takes more time than updating just the dashlaunch "if a new one would came out" to make it ( my question) clear, is dashlaunch capabel of doing this?

thank you guys

if yes i would rather wait on a dashlaunch update than update my kernel, i never done this and therefor i feel more secured if i just do thing that i really understand ...

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no, I was telling you to just update your kernel. It really isn't very hard and there are many tutorials on this site that will walk you through it step by step.

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