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Burnout Paradise - Lengendary Cars

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I'm supposed to have all the DLC installed in Aurora for Burnout Paradise.

I even had bought the Legendary Cars pack back in the days, but right now I'm not seeing it in the game, as if it was missing.

Here is the content I have so far:

- 45410806/00000002/429B88666A41C61B3B0776D1A543B9C5A20BA4D645
- 45410806/00000002/5CC3A5D994D3BA264345E9F42C7900E509ED95FD45
- 45410806/00000002/8B2CD5C7EC41B96B37D882EEB11BEB789C3D071745 
- 45410806/00000002/0EF38912A6356683E35F83D1BE098A545AC3955845
- 45410806/00000002/429B88666A41C61B3B0776D1A543B9C5A20BA4D6
- 45410806/00000002/51B7684B203554FA8562AD08C5F8A5489FAFFFEB
- 45410806/00000002/809E7ACC1DF4724E16226C8C49CDA0BA8D6F413945
- 45410806/00000002/9B40110F627D2C01D1EBEF9FFA6F00C44C9441C145
- 45410806/00000002/F6F890DA611F54A2C086F913876EB638FAA94C4C45

Am I missing something here?



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you have the   Legendary Cars Collection (PDLC Pack 1) 8B2CD5C7EC41B96B37D882EEB11BEB789C3D071745

Bikes: 51B7684B203554FA8562AD08C5F8A5489FAFFFEB45 (Includeded in the Paradise 1,9)

you do not have these:

Big Surf Island: 809E7ACC1DF4724E16226C8C49CDA0BA8D6F413945

Party: 0725ACE553AAD1B39B40C5CE470B6AD94E15E43D45


or you have not Unlocked correctly


You need to have these Cars:


Legendary Cars Collection (PDLC Pack 1)

"Time Savers Pack"

"Carson GT Nighthawk"

"Jansen P12 88 Special"

"Hunter Manhattan Spirit"

"Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger"




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