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(PC) whats the name of that piece??

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helllllllo everyone!
....Posted Image....
ok so i have a problem! one of my motherboard is about to die and i want to save it.
This modo whas acting really weird lately..and i had a smoking-smell coming out of it a couple of time, so before loosing it i decided to take care of it..
..i found a small piece on it, that is tottally burnt!..i mean..really..its almost calcinated!..the only problem: i dont know the name of that small piece!..so i dont know what to search for..

Here's a picture of one of the same piece, but in good condition so that you know wich part it is..its like a small donut standing vertically, with orange (copper maybe..) hard-wires around it..here's one in good condition:
Posted Image

..i hope someone here will be able to tell me the name of that part, so i can buy a new one! thanks! ;)


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I know this is a million years too late, but I just bumped up against that part name in Bunnie Haun's Hacking the Xbox book. It's called a toroidal inducter.

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If you burned out an inductor like that on the board, chances are your whole board is fucked. And the power supply, and probably anything else that is plugged into the power supply. The amount of voltage/amperage it would take to get that thick copper wire hot enough to burn that thick porcelan donut, is way more than that part can tollerate, and as those parts are include usually for mainly in the power supply sections of the board, I would suck it up, and find a new board. You could try replacing it, but who knows what else went when that happened. If it were me, I would pull the HDD, and see about getting my data off of it, and call it a day.

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