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Dashlaunch problem

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Hey there guys whats up i dont know why it always happen to me but now i got a external hard drive and i copied all the content from my usb to external hard drive including free style and the dash launch but the problem was that that the freestyle dash was not displaying games so o fresh installed but now the problem was that every time i turn on my xbox it always booted to nxe i kind of tried all the settings in the dash launch like defult run xex or power and the guide one but no luck and also tried to run the uninstaller from dash launch but no luck again

Please help me in solving this problem i want my console to boot in to freestyle every time i turn on my console

Dashlaunch version 3.07

freestyle version 3 rev 735

Kernal 16202

Thanks in advance

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load dashlaunch.


Set default in your paths to the locations of FSD (sometimes it shows in Dashlaunch as (NA/FSD/default.xex) instead of hdd1/fsd/de...


once you've done that, save the launch.ini on HDD1, or flash too to be safe. reboot xbox


if dashlaunch ask you to install... install it.

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