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$350 for everything, priority shipping included. NEED to sell quick!!

Reason for selling: hardly play anymore, need money to fix car so I can get back to working!


Used, Fully Working, Clean, No RROD Ever, All Ports Working (3 USB, Ethernet, A/V, HDMI, Power, HDD, Memory Card Slot, DVD Drive) Cleaned on the inside every 3 months from dust. No stickers have ever been attached to the case, nor written on.

Type of Xbox 360:
512MB (Big Block)
White with White DVD Tray

Unbanned, RGH Nand never been taken online, Retail Nand Online just about everyday.

Type of Mod:
Dual Nand (Switch with blue LED indicating RGH nand is on)
LT 3.0 Flashed Drive
White LED Mod (all four LED's)

Brand of Mod Used:
Demon (For Dual Nand)
LT 3.0 FW

2.0.16203.0 On Both Nands (Newest, Kinect, and Avatar Support on RGH Nand)


What Comes with the console:
RGH Dual Nand Xbox 360 console
Power Brick
Standard A/V cables (Red, White, Yellow)
HDMI cable
Xbox 360 Controller (Not Modded)
Black chatpad
250gb OEM Hard Drive (HDD is a slim style, but is used with a Phat HDD connector)
1TB external 2.0/3.0 USB powered HDD
Rechargeable Battery Pack with charging usb wire
Xbox 360 Camera (Not Kinect, just the regular little web cam)
5' Ethernet cord
26 Xbox 360 games (on Disc)

Black wired Triton Headset

Games Included:
1TB is MAXED OUT with all of the Call of Duty games and lots of other games, as well as over 100 Arcade Games. ALL playable as FULL games, not just demos. The 1TB HDD also includes a 32GB xbox 360 flashdrive partition for game saves etc..

Games on disc to play using the flashed drive (these games work 100% online)
Call of Duty 2
Call of Duty 4
Call of Duty BO
Call of Duty BO2
Call of Duty MW2
Call of Duty World at War (Physics N' Flex V3)
Dead Island
Dead or Alive 4
Fear 2
Forza Horizon
Forza 3 (both discs)
Forza 4 (both Discs)
GTA IV (Deadly Fishes Mods.. Requires a gamesave in order to boot up)
GTA IV: EFLC (Not Modded)
Halo 3
Halo 4 (both discs)
Halo ODST (Multiplayer Disc Only)
Halo CE Anniversary
Mafia 2
Medal of Honor L.E.
Medal of Honor Warfighter (both discs)
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Saints Row

Full Games included on OEM HDD for the Retail Nand:
Aegis Wings
Dash of Destruction
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
Doritos Crash Course
Doritos Crash Course 2
Fable III
Halo Reach
Happy Wars
Harms Way
Hexic HD
Rock Band 3
Small Arms
RGH Programs on 1TB:
XeX Menu 1.2 (yes, 1.2)
FreeStyle Dash 3 (boots up to it, dashboards to it)
Dash Launcher (Needed in order to boot up and auto-dashboard to FSD 3)

Extras on blank disc:
Modding Programs/tools
Links to various tutorial websites for various related stuff

I can NOT supply original KV, Nand, DVD FW, or anything!!! The person who modded my xbox never sent them to me for some reason....I have never had an issue to where I needed any of those things anyways!

Ask for more details if you want at: jellyjamjiggles@hotmail.com for a faster response if needed
Will ship priority mail with everything in 1 box safely anywhere in the U.S.A. Shipping IS included in the $450. This is VERY CHEAP!!! Most people sell these Dual Nand Xboxes for $300 console only!!! Not to mention you'll save a lot of time by not having to download games...This xbox is truly Plug and Play!!!

Click Link below to buy directly from a website in which you can use paypal directly (I also had this on ebay, but was removed the next morning):


NO Problems ever with this console so no need to even offer warranty!!




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For a site that forbids piracy talk, that's a lot of pirated games.  I hope that is not what you're figuring is making this console worth $500.

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Nope. Price is based on the physical stuff ONLY.


RGH Dual Nand Xbox 360 with power brick, a/v, hdmi, and 1 controller- $300 ($100 for the console and $200 for the rgh/dual nand/dvd flash/ ring of light mod install)

Games (physical copies of the games, not hdd related games)- $100

1tb HDD and 250gb oem hdd- $100 (everything on the oem hdd was bought with ms points on the marketplace)

headset, chatpad, camera- i'm just throwing them in to get rid of them as well so $0


that is where I am getting the $500 from, and shipping is about $15 so you're really only paying $485 if you didn't include shipping price.

The lowest I will go is $450 for everything. gamertag still has 2months of gold and 70ms points on it.

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Come on guys!!! It's still available!! Most people sell the console itself without power cord or a/v cables for $300!  I WAS asking for $500, it's down to $350! This is the lowest i'll go. Includes priority shipping.

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