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Can't download TitleUpdates: Error 7B

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I just got FSD3 a few days ago. Today, I tried to download Title Updates, but it fails for every game. The log reads:

19:51:41.570|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Reading List for TitleID [55530848]

19:51:41.570|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Downloading Title Updates for TitleID [55530848]

19:51:41.570|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Process as Media Match 0251DC2D : 0251DC2D

19:51:41.572|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|DataPath : [game:dataTitleUpdatesE209B76669B5CACCB9FBDF995AA7D6D1BEE62D2F_USBMUC]

19:51:41.572|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Saving Title Update to [game:dataTitleUpdatesE209B76669B5CACCB9FBDF995AA7D6D1BEE62D2F_USBMUCTU_1AL6228_0000004000000.0000000000081]

19:51:41.572|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Starting Download

19:51:41.572|HTTPDownload|F9000034|Queue Size: 2

19:51:42.045|HttItem|F9000034|Create File Failed: Error Code: 7B

19:51:44.218|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Clearing TtileID

19:51:44.218|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Clearing Mediaid

19:51:44.218|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Clearing Gametype

19:51:44.218|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Clearing downloadqueu

19:51:44.218|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Notify Requester

I then tried to create the folder E209B76669B5CACCB9FBDF995AA7D6D1BEE62D2F_USBMUC (which doesn't exist) under "game:dataTitleUpdates" myself, which also results in an "Copy Failed with Error: 7B".

What does this error mean? Is there a way to fix it?



*edit: I just tried it again, I can create "E209B76669B5CACCB9FBDF995AA7D6D1BEE62DF_US", but not "E209B76669B5CACCB9FBDF995AA7D6D1BEE62DF_USB", maybe the dirname is too long (Windows Explorer shows something like "Invalid Access Number" when I try to rename it via SMB). How can I change the path to something shorter?

*edit2: According to the log, the serial of the device is without the _USBMUC, and this would be short enough. Why is USBMUC added?

21:16:27.964|DrivesManager|F9000000|Mounting Results: ??Usb0:, DeviceMass0 - serial: E209B76669B5CACCB9FBDF995AA7D6D1BEE62D2F - DeviceId: 00000001

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USBMUC is added because the serial without it refers to the USB device itself, so if we didn't add it then there would be 2 drives with the same serial.

I will look into lengths and find a way to shorten it for next rev.

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Okay thanks :)

I found a way to avoid the error for the meantime: I added an extra line to the table "TitleUpdatePaths" in the database without _USBMUC on the DeviceID/Path, and now I get asked whether I want to save it on USB0 or USB0MUC (USB0MUC gets added to the DB on reboot). When selecting USB0 downloading and using title updates works fine.

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Okay, I just got a game which actually shows it version number and I have to say the "workaround" is not working. Title Updates are are downloaded but not loaded/injected into the game :( Are there any plans for a date when a fixed version might be released? This bug is really annoying...



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