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Lips songs modding

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Hello all!  I'm starting to attempt modding the songs in Lips, but with not much success so far!

I'm trying to add the official videos to tracks that had them removed due to licensing issues. (Just for fun and to learn)

I've downloaded the official video and converted it to wmv (with the resolutions, bit rate, framerate extra the same as a video from a different track) put this in the folder and I'm using XML notepad to read/edit the DLC database to point to this video- repacked with le fluffy - but its not working as yet.

I just wondered if anyone has any experience trying this that could give me some pointers? (And save me a lot of time!)

Is XML notepad a good program to use for editing xb databases?

There is a label for 'videoID' that contains a hex string - I'm guessing this is the issue as I've got no idea what this should be changed to to point to the new video.

I'll keep trying and experimenting.


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I dabbled with this for a while as lips seems to be the best karaoke game out there but I’m not sure how you’d sync the lyrics to the correct pitch so I just abandoned the idea if you get anywhere with it please keep me updated 👌🏼

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