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FSD3 Skins and Covers

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Gunks    0

Hi all,

I have just upgraded to FSD3 and everything is working fine. I have two questions that would be great if someone can answer:

1- Can you use old themes on FSD3? each time I load an old one, the system will be stuck at startup

2- Is there a way to change the games library to the old view (the one that have icons instead of covers). If not, can someone be kind enough to tell me how to connect to the internet and download covers?

P.S. I'm using Jtag on banned Xbox360

Thanks a lot.

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JPizzle    0

1) No, you have to use themes designed for F3. Older skins WILL NOT WORK.

2) you can change the layout in the settings menu, to get the console online so it can download artwork simply plug in your lan cable.

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