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Stream Xbox 360 games over your network (SMB) to a Jtag / RGH hacked Xbox 360 running Freestyle Dashboard using ConectX

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***This tutorial will work with all versions of Freestyle 3, just use F3 instead of FSD 2.2***


Stream Xbox 360 games over your network (SMB) to a Jtag / RGH hacked Xbox 360 running Freestyle Dashboard 2.2+

This tutorial will show you how to stream Xbox 360 on your PC over your network to an Xbox 360 running Freestyle Dashboard.

Below is a video of my 360 streaming a game from my PC to show what you can expect to achieve from following this tutorial:

Note: the audio / video in this tutorial are about a second out of sync, that is not the case when streaming a game. YouTube appears to do that with videos filmed on my mobile phone.

Why would you want to do this?

You might have multiple Jtag or RGH hacked Xbox 360 in your house and want to keep all your games in one central location, such as your home server or NAS. You could also not have enough space on your 360 and want to stream games from your PC.

Getting started:

I would recommend both the Xbox 360 and the PC you are streaming on be wired up to your network to get the best results.

You will need an Xbox 360 running FreeStyle Dash 2.2 with the connect x patch and connect x plugin installed.

Download FreeStyle Dash 2.2

Download Connect X Patch

Download Connect X Plugin

I will presume you have some basic knowlage of how your homebrew enabled 360 works, it is beyond the scope of this tutorial to explain how to get FreeStyle Dash on your Xbox 360. You could copy it from a USB hard drive using XEX Menu though just to point you in the right direction.

You want to unzip and copy the Connect X Patch and Connect X Plugin to your FreeStyle Dash 2.2 plugins folder on your console.

The plugins folder on your console should look like the screenshot below.

Posted Image

For this tutorial I will be using a Windows 7 PC, this will work on a PC running Vista, XP and likely any other device that can host an SMB network share. Of course the setup will be different for other devices / OS’s.

First we want to click the Start Orb, select "Network" and click the “Network and Sharing Center” link as shown in the screenshot below:

Posted Image

Then on the left menu select “Change advanced sharing settings”

Posted Image

Here ensure all your settings are the same as mine in the screenshot below, and click "Save Changes".

Posted Image

As we have enabled password protected sharing above you will NEED a password on the Windows account you wish to share with, i could not get this to work without a password anyway.

Note: if you have a firewall installed that is not Windows Firewall this could cause conflicts, if you have problems i advise you to disable it. If you are behind a router you really do not need it anyway, Windows Firewall is more than enough.

Now create a folder somewhere, this is the folder you want to keep your Xbox 360 games in. This folder name should NOT have any spaces in.

Right click this folder and select “Properties”

Click the “Sharing” tab at the top then click the "Share" button

In the screen that appears enter the username you with to be able to access that share, in my example this is “Matty”

Now click the Share button at the bottom, this folder will be shared on your Network and require the user account and password of the windows account(s) you gave permission to access this folder. For me this was the user account "Matty".

Posted Image

Place your extracted Xbox 360 games in this folder (not ISO's), each game should be in a different folder.

Have a look at this program if you would like to know how to extract ISO's.

Posted Image

Optional step: Go on to another PC on your network and see if you can access the shared folder on the network using the username and password you setup earlier.

Now back on Freestyle Dash go to “Setup” and click on “Settings”:

Posted Image

Select "System Settings":

Posted Image

Select "Plugins":

Posted Image

Here you want to enter the computers name you are going to be streaming the games from.

Note: The computers name should all be in CAPITALS when typed in to FreeStyle Dash

If you don’t know your computers name name look at the screenshot below on how to find out:

Posted Image

The “PC Share Name” is the name of the shared folder you have created, for me this was "360".

The username / password are that of the account you gave access to your shared folder earlier in this tutorial. Again for me this was "Matty", the account i use to log on to my Computer. I'm not sure if this will work with an account that has spaces in its name, if you have problems later on you might want to try creating an account that does not have a space in its name.

When you have entered the details here, save the settings and switch your 360 off.

Power it back on and load FreeStyle Dash again.

Now go to "Utilities" and select the "File Manager":

Posted Image

If everything has gone well you should see the ConX folder, if not then the 360 is having problems accessing your shared folder.

The best thing to do here is ensure it can be accessed from another PC on your network using the username and password, if it can then double check the details in Freestyle Dash. You have to re start your console when making changes to the settings in FreeStyle Dash.

Posted Image

Select this folder and you will see any games you have shared on your PC:

Posted Image

Go in to that folder and load the games default.xex:

Posted Image

The game will load and be streaming over your network.

Depending on the game it will probably take longer than usual to load, however should play perfectly.

You will be able to see how fast your PC is streaming data at in Windows Task Manager (presuming you are not downloading or anything)

The quickest speeds I have seen so far are about 60mbps, about 6% of a 1gbps connection.

Posted Image

That it, enjoy having your games in one central location that can be accessed by multiple Jtag or RGH hacked Xbox 360's. If you are streaming to more than one Xbox 360 at once you will want to ensure the PC hosting the games has a gigabit network card in it, and is connected to a gigabit switch or router for best performance.


Q: I can not get my 360 to connect to the PC

A: Common problems to check:

    [*]The computers name is entered in CAPTIALS in FSD

    [*]The folder you shared on the PC should have no spaces in it.

    [*]The user account been used to share the folder must have a password

    [*]The account might need admin rights (the account i used did)

    [*]Disable any firewalls

    [*]You must re start FSD after altering any settings to do with streaming

    [*]Passwords are case sensitive.

Originally Posted by Insane Nutter:  http://digiex.net/guides-reviews/console-guides/xbox-360-guides/9788-stream-xbox-360-games-over-network-smb-jtag-rgh360-running-freestyle-dash.html

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I would really like to try this out as Im running out of internal hd space. The problem is I can not see your images. I just have the image name displayed.  When I click on the image name I get a white box with a spinning loading image but nothing ever loads.  I would really appreciate help in setting this up.


Thanks in advance.

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Like freshman said. i also would like some guidance in getting this to work. so if anyone can tell us with some good info and how to get the connectx to work, i would appriciate it alot.

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Are there any disadvantages? Like movie stutter? I know that was an issue with PS2. I'm updating my 360 and PS3 library and would love to use a network share for both, but if there's issues, I would rather get separate HDD for each system. Thanks in advance

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