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Dashlaunch Temp Monitor V1.5 – Graphics Enchanced

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Swizzy release today a new version of his well known apps DashLaunch Temp Monitor in version 1.5. This tool is a PC apps allowing you to see and save a log of the temperatures of several elementes (Motherboard, RAM, CPU, GPU) from your console.

One of the major new things about the new version is graph/charts which give you a visual way of seeing how your consoles temperatures changes over time

Yet another release, v1.5 now with the option to display temperatures in Fahrenheit instead of Celcius and beeing able to see Minimum, Average and Maximum temperatures for current session


* v1.5 *
- Added: It’ll now display temps in etheir Celcius (Default) or Fahrenheit ** NOTE: Default temperature thresholds are set in celcius and will NOT be converted! **
- Added: When changing the display temperature unit it’ll update itself with the new settings for everything (except for previous entries in the log)
- Added: Hovering over a temperature box in the main window will show you the minimum, average and maximum temperatures for the current session
* v1.4 *
- Changed: Major code cleanup
- Changed: No longer saving settings to file on disk, it now saves settings to registry
- Changed: The options window no longer have textboxes for numeric input, it now have NumericUpDown, meaning you now have arrows to choose input with
- Added: Graphs, you can now get statistics on how your consoles temperatures changes over time (this uses ZedGraph: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/5431/A-flexible-charting-library-for-NET )
- Added: Method to convert « old style settings » to new one…
- Added: Corona memory units are now displayed with an easier to read path aswell
- Added: Added some more poweron reasons (and changed a little with how they’re displayed)

Here are some pictures of how the graphs/charts might look like (NOTE: These pictures aren’t good temperatures, my room has been warm all day today while i’ve made these) These pictures have been saved from within the app itself, that’s why there is no form sorrounding them you may also print the graphs to paper if you like…

Dashlaunch @ 100% Fanspeed:

Posted Image



Farcry3 @ 100% Fanspeed:

Posted Image



Farcry3 @ Auto Fanspeed:

Posted Image



Posted Image


Source and Official Download: http://www.homebrew-connection.org/dashlaunch-temp-monitor-v1-4/

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