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Fallout 3 Personal Cheat Terminal.

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Unsure if this will work on existing Fallout 3 saves. As I started from the beginning & used the GOTY edition & TU3. Thought I'll share with others as I've had this for years now. Great fun to run through this game with modz.

Pretty self explanatory how to set this up.

I take no credits for this menu. The hard work was all done by ITjunky & Borjoyzee. If there was others i missed sorry. was converted by EvilED to work with the jtag/rgh systems

Fallout 3 Personal Terminal locations

Portable Terminal added to pipboy. Password Found in dresser vault 101 after amata wakes you up. Sometimes this won't spawn. So you may need to restart mission all over again until it spawns & check everything in your room. This cheat terminal will show in your pipboy in your AID category. Press A on cheat terminal then B to exit. Cheat Terminal will load up. This is the Portable version of the External Terminals. It's best to get this first. As it saves you using the external cheat terminal at megaton or tenpenny!!

External Terminal

Megaton Terminal. Outside Megaton entry to the right. The password is on a holodisk in one of the locked houses, owner has key 

Tenpenny Terminal. To the left of the balcony door. Password is on holodisk in safe located in one of the Tenpenny residents room









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