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How to run Linux on your JTAGED Xbox 360 (Live CD)

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Originally posted on se7ensins.com:

Well after 2 hours worth of googling and not find any usefull information, I found how to boot into Linux on your JTAGED Xbox 360. Yes, thats right, none of the kernel 43 whatever the hell it is and no god damned King Kong exploit. This also assumes you have Xell installed, blah blah blah. If you already don't know what I'm talking about, then don't try this.

First off, if anyone should get credit for this, it should be free60.org, glad to have them back since their server downtime. (but seriously, I did do all my own research for this and havn't seen a guide JUST for JTAGs without that stupid 43XX kernel and King Kong, so some creditz pl0x :] )

So, you're going to need a few things before hand.

* Gentoo LiveCD BETA v2 that's what I've got and that's what worked for me :]

* Blank DVD's. For burning the gentoo iso

* DVD burner and DVD burning software, whatever floats your boat on this one. I used PowerISO.

* USB keyboard

* USB mouse

NOTE: Gentoo LiveCD BETA v2 is approx. 620MB in size, so be prepared for the download time.

Now that you have all that, its time to get started

Step 1: Burn your Gentoo LiveCD BETA v2.ISO to a blank DVD using your burning software of your choice.

Step 2: Connect your Xbox 360 to your TV

Step 3: Make sure there is no disc in the tray and turn on the Xbox by pressing the EJECT BUTTON, NOT POWER BUTTON :]

Step 4: You will see a blue screen (no, not BSOD) with random stuff. This is where your CPU key is (FYI: to get that, combine fuse sets 3 and 5 OR 4 and 6). Once that's done and the tray is still open, put in your Gentoo LiveCD BETA v2 disc and close the tray.

Step 5: Wait... And be greeted by some penguins :]

Step 6: Set up linux as you normally would.

There you go, Linux on your Xbox 360 WITHOUT the stupid King Kong and all that cr*p. Maybe old to some, but also new to many more.

Hope this helps.

FAQ (yes, i know.. but its here anyway)

Q: Can you run linux emulators?

A: YES! But only 2D emulators, not N64 for now, as there arn't proper drivers yet

Q: Can this...

A: From what I've read and understood, YES, this is basically a fully functioning Linux computer.

** JPizzle's Note ** other live CD's might work so give it a go with your favorite distro :oops:

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Hey Jpizzle, thanks for posting this. I've been messing around with it and have a few questions. What is the root user name and password? Can we dl a better/newer more up to date web browser? And how do we get sound? Thanks in advance.

Sent from my SGH-I777 using Tapatalk 2

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