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Facebookplugin for FSD

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Hello,i've taken some time and took a look at programing facebook-apps.

So came to my mind making an achievement-plugin to publish your

newest achievements on facebook, like xbox-live and psn-network does it.


And its pretty simple, so i've got already the basics running.

Link to the facebook-app: https://www.facebook...232315960179580

(not working because of missing FSD-implementation)



Its planned to post (if you want to) every achievement (like you see on PS3 Users for example) you get

with achievement-description, game, picture, ...


What do you (community) think about it?

Is it usefull to you or dont you like the idea from beginning, is it something you've been waiting for...

Any "must haves" that should be build in? Other suggestions?

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I think that this is a terrific idea! Personally I would use it. I don't think that it would be a necessity but could be useful and I think the community would like it. Then again, this is only my opinion.

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WOW, that's great!! I would definately use it. :D

Who knows if someday we can get something like the facebook chat or something. That way we could chat, send stuff, etc.


Awsome work, mate!

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i dont think thats good idea.... so i say No.


One question : does friends really care u killed 100 swamp monster for example ?


facebook on xbox is big no no. 


Thats my opinion.


work on something more useful, somethig that fsd lacks : chat system, skype ?, music/audio players. 


Good Luck and thank you :)

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Do friends really care when your Pig ate your Chicken on Farmville or any other dumbass game in that category? No. But they ignore it anyway, I mean yeah it could be annoying but luckily Facebook has privacy options and you can restrict what you don't want to see. Plus, it's a really good idea :)

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Thanks for so much response already :-)


My main-problem is to get FSD triggered these events.

How-to i've already got in my mind but FSD is not opensource

and i barely have seen some code of it.

So i definetly need support from the FSD-Developers (i hope they dont think: facebook...naahhh dont need this)

The "non-xbox"-part is fully done. Now FSD needs a listener for recent archievements, on event -> trigger, this is were iam stuck.



@armonika: thanks for that one negative response ;-D

yes you are right, there are things that should come in first place but thats a point of lack of my skills ;-)

And as i can say to your suggestions...

music/audio-player: is already in the original NXE and its working within the xbox-bladetab. thats why there is nothing developed.

chatsystem/skype: would require a server-network which no one easily can afford, and so the programming.

its to much, a single developerteam would have to focus on this. the only thing we have is xlink. and typing on an

xboxcontroller without keyboard (i'd buy it too) is...yeah we all know that feeling.so, also no chat.


but as Prayer says...your facebook-friends will just skip it. And i like to see, what my friends are

currently playing on their console and discuss with them sometimes later or even consider it

playing myself.

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Okay sadly this got instantly knocked out by the administrator JQE :-(


JQE said:

Sorry but i am not interested in putting time into a facebook connection. Feel free to write your own homebrew software that does it and once you are done we can possibly integrate it. But i am not interested in writing the xbox side the parsing and control code. Sorry.


Iam sorry guys but now i can only learn how to code homebrew... and like there is no "Hello World" Tutorial online :-(

I've already got some programing skills in other languages, so i dont think learing it will be the problem.

But there is no source on the webs, does anybody have some sources for?

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C + + / C # + XNA programming for seeking knowledge.Dashlauch multilingual plugin programming.Projet detail of text are only in the PM.(Link Hungary, Skype Group!)

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