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How to put an old Xbox 360 HDD into Xbox 360 S

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How to put an old Xbox 360 HDD into Xbox 360 S

>> Here's a video posted on Youtube by SiddGoneWild that shows the old HDDs from the Original Xbox 360 will work just fine on the new Xbox 360 S. You'll have to strip the HDD from the original HDD-case and slid it into the 360 S HDD-port. Not ideal, as the Xbox 360 S proprietary port is much larger than the 2.5" SATA HDD, but it will fit in (SATA data/power ports match the standard) without needing any 3rd party hardware addons or so. I'd just suggest to add some rubber tabs on the sides or so to prevent the HDD from moving too much.

I assume laptop/PC HDDs modded with HDDHackr will work just fine in the Xbox 360 S as well (and save you a small fortune). If anyone tried this already, let us know


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