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Aurora is deleting XNA Title Update

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Hi, I had everything set up and working with aurora 0.7b.1. I was able to play all my games including the indie titles.

Then some time passed about a month or so and I'm not sure what changed but now when I try to load up an indie game it first deletes the XNA Title Update located in 0000000000000000/584E07D1/000B0000 and then I get the popup notification that the game needs the title update and cannot be played.

To verify that I can still play indie games I first need to reupload the title update that was deleted and load up Dashlaunch v3.21.
Inside DL I click left bumper and then select the "Launch" option and I am able to play all the indie games successfully.

EDIT: If it helps - when I clear title updates it deletes the XNA Title Update, but when I scan for title updates it reboots and scans, but I dont see it added anywhere. aurora's Data/TitleUpdates/Cache/*.list shows just empty list '[]'

Figured it out, I noticed that Aurora had created a 0000000000000000 folder in my USB drive when I installed black ops 3 DLC/TU. So out of the blue I made /584E07D1/000B0000 folders and moved the XNA Title Update to the USB's 0000000000000000 and sure enough that's where Aurora now wanted the XNA Title Update. All the Indie games now work :)

EDIT: Well I thought I figured it out... I moved the TU to usb1/content/0000000000000000/584E07D2/000B0000/ and it actually ran an indie title from aurora... but then it deleted the TU and when I reupload it its not loading the same title again :(

Edit2: I then moved the TU to usb0/content/0000000000000000/584E07D2/000B0000/ (which never even had a content folder) and it again worked once and then the second time round deleted the TU and did not work.

I loaded into xexmenu and deleted aurora and reinstalled it and it appears to be working, hopefully i can keep my old boxart.

edit: needed to port the old boxart so I made a script, let me know if anyone needs.

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ok, so you are wrong..

you need to enable the TU with-in aurora.. otherwise it will delete the TU there, because you are telling aurora to load game with no TU.

how aurora works:

user launches game, aurora checks if user selected a TU, if yes/no it verifies if the TU there matches the users selection. if it matches it does nothing, if it doesnt match selection, it will delete and move the users selected TU into the correct location.

you need to make sure you enable the TU in each indie game..


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