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issue with xboxunity/assetdownloading

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so I am running aurora I think 0.7 no idea how to check version I used to be able to download all the covers title updates I want now it says not found for everything my ip is shown so its definetely connected to the internet I have everything logged in in my account on console and pc still nothing I cant request API keys cant use basically any plugin internet related. NOVA says link is connect but authentication is failed that's all the info I know.

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You clumped a lot of different possible issues into one, all of which are for the large part unrelated, so difficult to know what exactly the problem is without more specifics...

That said, title covers/asset downloads was a known issue prior to the current hotfix which was just released the other day. Go to the "About" screen under settings, and check if you are on the latest update. If not, update it. Current version is 0.7b-2 (binaries: r1655, skin: r1622, plugins: r1622).

If you have AuroraCrashPatcher in your plugins, remove it, as that's no longer needed.

Scan your artwork - should work with no issues.

To connect to unity, make sure xhttp is enabled as @felida pointed out, and you ofc need a unity account already created. You can manually input the api key from the unity site, or request it from Aurora.

At this point, if you're still having issues, post here what's happening.

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