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Best way to transfer games to internal HDD

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Hi all,


I am totally new with FSD, Got my Trinity SLIM well RGH'ed.

The guy who RGH'ed my SLIM said that I have to extract the games.

I got around 70 ISO's, perfect patched with abgx360 for burning on dvds.


Now i want all these ISO's onto my internal HDD.

I extracted all the 70 ISO's with Xbox Image Browser and removed the Systemupdate folder.

Transfered all the extracted files to my internal HDD and many games wont work (got error: Fatal Crash Intercepted)


What is the best way to extract ISO files? I heard about NXE2GO???

Can anyone help me to play all these ISO's on my RGH perfect?

I got the latest Dashlaunch and the latest Free Style Dashboard


Hope anyone can help me.


Thanks in advance

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Why don't you try converting your ISO's to a GOD container. I usually keep my games that way and I never had any problems, plus it's easier to add a dlc file when you have a GOD game.

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I'm pretty sure it carries the systemupdate folder over (in reference to ISO2god). As long as you are on the latest dash, I don't think you have much to worry about. But I think if you have a game that won't run on newest dash as god it may ask you to do a M$ update (which you obvisouly want to stay away from). Now from what I understand, there are programs to remove the systemupdate folder for you (which makes me assume you can't just delete it from a file manager) but if that's the case, it is going to be much easier to just update to latest dash.... Especially now with the one click method that was just released.

And any rate, these comments do not come from personal experience, this is all based on what i have read in forums. Take it for what's its worth. Good luck.

Sent from my Rooted HTC EVO 4g using Xparent Cyan Tapatalk 2

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